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Jin sat down on his bed, a bruise gracing the back and the side of his neck. He was so tired of crying already. He was so tired of being with Minho already. He decided to check his phone.

< 5 new messages >

Namjoonie Baby: Jinnie how was your interview ? 😊
(4) Minho: I'm so sorry baby, I didn't mean to hurt you.
Jin I really am sorry
Kim Seokjin?
Okay fine be that way

He locked his phone again. He laid down on his bed and gripped his hair in frustration as a loud scream left his mouth. He felt the tears burn in his eyes once again.

He felt his phone buzzing next to his leg. He checked his phone. The name 'Namjoonie Baby' flashed on his screen.

Why's he calling me?

Nevertheless, Jin answered with a raspy voice.


"Hey, Jin!" Namjoon exclaimed, "Sorry for calling, I broke my hand."

Jin immediately sat up from his bed at that statement. "ARE YOU OKAY? WHAT HAPPENED?"

"Jin, please calm down. I'm okay. My friend pushed me and the contact of my hand to the floor broke a bone in wrist and my thumb. But I swear, I'm okay," Namjoon explained, making Jin roll his eyes.

"You're like some kind of God of destruction."

"That's exactly what I am..."

Jin burst out laughing after Namjoon's statement. His laugh made the younger laugh as well. But that bit of laughter didn't last long as Minho entered Jin's apartment.

"Namjoon, I-I have to g-go."

"Yeah, you have to go. I need to speak to you, you piece of crap," Minho spat.

"Jin? What's going on?"

"I'm sorry! I have to go."

With that, the call ended and Minho gripped Jin's neck. The brunette screamed for help before he got knocked unconscious.


Namjoon stared at the phone in his unaffected hand.

"What was that?" he asked himself.

Namjoonie Baby:
Jin Hyung?

Why isn't he answering?

Namjoon left helpless calls and multiple texts yet no one answered. The texts stopped delivering. Namjoon sat up in his bed. Should he go see the older? No, no. Maybe that's a bad idea. But also, how come all his texts stopped going through? And who was the guy that called Jin a piece of crap? His father? Namjoon searched through his phone until he found what he was looking for.

"His location."

Namjoon instantly got up, deciding to run over to Jin's place. He then spotted a familiar car and saw Jungkook inside making out with someone. He ran to the car and knocked on the window as Jungkook groaned and rolled down the tinted window.

"Oh! Namjoon Hyung, it's you!" Jungkook exclaimed. "This is Tae-"

"Jungkook, no time. I need you to drive me to this address and fast," Namjoon interrupted, showing his phone screen to the younger boy.

"Jin Hyung's place?" the other boy muttered.

Namjoon, being the intellectual he is, remembered Jin saying something about a friend of his with a deep voice. This boy clearly knew Jin if he could recognise his address that fast and he had an extremely deep voice.

"Taeyeon! It's you! You're the friend! Okay, look Taeyeon, Jin might be in trouble, so I'm sorry for interrupting your make out session but I'm worried," Namjoon explained before climbing into Jungkook's car and edging him to drive.

"What happened to Jin?" the boy, supposedly named Taeyeon, asked.

"We were on a phone call and then some guy burst in and called him a piece of crap. I tried messaging him but my messages stopped going through at some point," the oldest said.

"I know exactly what's going on...Jungkook, fucking floor it or I swear to GOD no more sex for three moNTHS!" the boy yelled, scaring the living hell out of the youngest.

The moment they arrived, both Jungkook's boyfriend and Namjoon rushed into Jin's apartment. They found him laying on the floor, unconcious, blood gushing from his exposed leg and and broken and twisted phone next to his head.

"What the fuck did he do to you?! Why do you keep allowing him to hurt you?! Fuck you, Kim Seokjin, you never listen!" The boy fell to his knees beside Jin, tears falling from his eyes as he cursed someone below his breath.

"Who...who is 'he'?" Namjoon asked, slowly kneeling beside the younger. He looked up at the older, his eyes bloodshot as tears still cycled down his face.

"I guess you haven't heard of Choi Minho."

| A/N I had a dream last night that I gave Hoseok a good succ 😳😳

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