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Lightyears apart (chapter 2)

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New Friend

Getting to school took only ten minutes and my hair was still in a relatively neat ponytail and I’m not exhausted from that half hour bikes ride with four freakishly large hills! This is already shaping out to be a pretty good day.

            As we drove into the school parking, all eyes turned to me. Actually, they probably didn’t even see me; all they see is the beautiful baby blue Audi R8.


            At this point, I could probably walk out naked and no heads would turn.

            “Chloe this is so awesome! Look at the heads turning!” Peyton is so excited and jumpy right now that she’s bouncing, like really bobbing up and down in the driver’s seat. “I can’t wait to see Blake’s face when he sees this!”

            “Okay Peyton, can you please stop bouncing. At least wait until you park!” I’m grabbing that oh-crap-bar above my head as my best friend tries to kill us in the school parking lot of our senior year at high school. “Peyton seriously! I would really like to live to see my senior year class schedule.” I start to pray and it’s almost like God decided to listen for once and went “let’s save this poor girl” because just as I close my eyes I feel the car slow down and come to a stop. The one time this phrase feels real, “Oh thank the Lord!” I open the car door and almost feel like kissing the very firm and not moving ground!

            “Chloe stop being so dramatic!” She jumps out of the car and like the cheerleader that she is goes, “SENIOR YEAR BABY!” I just manage to sneak out of the car, grab my backpack and the 3 extra textbooks before Peyton lets out a second squeal of, “BLAKE!” At that very instant, the only thought I could think of was


            I love Peyton and Blake but these two can be a little overwhelming for someone who’s single and alone. On a good day, they’re great people to be around but on one of their sweet days, they’ll give any healthy person diabetes.

            Hopeless, doe eyed romantics.


            “Hey Chloe!”

            I throw an awkward smile and acknowledgment wave in Blake and Peyton’s direction as I scamper off and blend into the crowd. I guess I didn’t make as clean of a get away as I thought considering how Blake spotted me with his quick, beautiful eyes. Then again come to think of it, it probably wasn’t too hard to spot me as I was the only one running to get into the school and I wasn’t actually running more than tripping. I guess I give Blake too much credit.

            “I’ll see you for lunch Clo!”

            And another acknowledgment wave thrown over my shoulder as I regain my balance from what I think to be my third tumble down the pathway to the main door. To be honest, I didn’t expect to see Peyton and Blake at lunch, once Peyton gets to school she is usually too caught up with everything happening from who got a haircut to who’s dating whom after the summer break.

As soon as I could, I hurry inside with another crowd of students that had either just finished gawking at the car and the school’s most popular couple or they just all had a brain and didn’t care. As an annual routine, I go straight to the guidance office to get my schedule instead of mixing with the crowd and getting trampled over since no one seems to be able to see me. I’m invisible. It’s against school regulations to get our course schedules directly from a guidance counselor, but since I’m on the dean’s list and I help the counselors with tutoring on rare occasions.

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