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Harry's P.O.V 

Seeing my father was a mistake, I knew he would be the stubborn man he is. Something told me I should see him, but when I did it immediately told me to never do that again. His whole life he's been nothing but selfish. 

"She did?"He says surprised. 

"Yes, I wouldn't cheat. I sure as hell aren't you." I roll my eyes. 

He doesn't even argue back with me, I don't even chance to. I took Iris and left, she was shocked too, I could tell. I don't even know for sure what her thoughts on my father before she seen him were. 

"See you aren't the only one with a fu*ked up dad." I try to add some humor to this situation. 

"Yeah, I see that." She smiles back. 

Our love is weird, and I like that. Is that weird? I don't even care at this point. Once we start driving off, her face is bright red, she must be nervous about something. 

"Are you okay?" I ask keeping my eyes on the road. 

"I guess. I'm just a bit upset, I really wanted this to work." I know the feeling she is speaking about, it's the same feeling I got when she wasn't on speaking terms with her mother.

When you care for someone, you obviously want the best and only the best for them, so it isn't going to be easy to watch everything they have in life go wrong. I'd be lying if I said I didn't want this to work out with my father, I really did. We don't always get what we want though. I can't keep living life blaming myself for things others did to me. For so long I let my dad's actions take power of my life, and it stops now. 

"Well, I'm not. I have you, I'm ready to start a new chapter in life." I smile and she responds back with one. 

"I love you."

"I love you too." 


Iris and I decided on getting an apartment and I've been loving living with her. Today just when I thought all the conversations with people would stop I got call after call from my managers. Iris thought I should stop with all the phone calls and just invite them over, so I did. 

"Iris!" I call out her name. 

Her name coming out of my mouth reminds me of the first time I even knew what her name was, we've come a far way. 

"What is it?" She calls back. 

"Come down," I tell her running a hand through my hair. 

"Give me a second," she says clatter is present in the background. 

"What are you doing?" I question her. 

"I'm looking for something," she tells me 

Before I can ask her what she was looking for the doorbell rings, quickly I go to open it. I was expecting to see one of my managers, but it was my father. I wish I knew why he came back, it isn't healthy for me to say this, but the sight of him is making me sick. I hate everything he's done. I refuse to say I hate my own father again. If he's going to be an a*s I won't be one back. 

"Why are you back?" The words come out harshly. 

"I'm here to apologize," I can tell the thought is killing him. 

It's impossible for him to wrong, that's what he thought. Stubbornness is one of the worst traits in a person, and he seems to have it, it's taken over everything. Sometimes admitting your wrong, and not understanding is better than ruining the life of yours and others around you. 

"Oh, you're only a few years late." I let out a muffled laugh. 

"I did it all because I was worried about you Harry," he tells me still looking at the ground. 

This man won't even look me in the eye. 

"You were worried about me?" I speak with a questioning tone. "You were not, you were worried of what other people thought about how you raised me. And let me tell you, it wasn't even you who did raise me, and if I were anything like you I'd feel bad for myself." My aggravation releases at every word that comes out of my mouth. 

"I know I was wrong. Accept my apology, you don't even have to speak to me, I want to clear this all with you, that's it. I want to die knowing my son and I are on speaking terms." 

"I forgive you," I'm in shock at myself. 

To forgive isn't to forget though. 

He clears his throat and leaves. He's late, I want to stop him and invite him in, but I'm not ready. Maybe one day we can develop a better relationship but now isn't the time. 

"Who was that?" Iris comes downstairs with a pale face. 

"My father. Why is your face paler than usual?" 

"What happened between you guys? And probably because I was mad."

"I forgave him. Why were you mad?" 

We both laugh at how this conversation was going, answer, question, answer, question. She somehow manages to put a smile at any time, I really do love her. 

"You tell me what's going on or what went on first." She says sitting me down. 

"I guess he found out everything was a lie, he said he was sorry and didn't wanna die knowing I didn't forgive him." I gave her a vague explanation of what happened. 

"Hmm, honestly I don't know what to say. Harry I'm not going to rush anything now, but maybe you and your father should talk more, obviously not all in one day. Relationships are hard, they change us, and sometimes it isn't always for the better, sometimes it is." She reveals and I nod at her words. Shortly after she says, "you've changed me." 

"I didn't change you, I brought out the side of you that you already had." I smirk recalling our first words about this topic. 

"That's still changing me in a way," she gives a smile back. 

"For the better?" 

"For the better." 

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