Snow in Florida

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Once upon not too long ago, on a warm holiday night in Florida, seven-year-old Heidi sat at her room, wishing for snow. A bit pointless given the location but she was young and didn't quite know that yet.

Her iPad playing White Christmas sung by Bing Crosby, she desperately wished while gazing up at the slightly clouded sky. But sleep wasn't too far off and soon she gently nodded off.


Something small and cold tickled her nose, still asleep she brushed it away. It happened again, this time on her eyelid and she woke up to the most delightful sight.

Snow, blanketing the large backyard, with a soft giggle she tip-toed out her room and into the white fluff, not really caring how cold it was. That's when she started to dance.

It was a simple sway really, her flaming red hair dancing in the chilly breeze as her bright green eyes sparkled with such simple childhood happiness. Just as she fell on her rump with a little giggle, a light came on from inside the house.

"Heidi please come inside, it's freezing." The little one stood, only realize something. "Mommy, I lost Avery." Avery was a green bunny and her favorite plaything. "You can look for her in the morning, now please come inside." And with a sad sniffle, she trudged back inside, sobs quickly followed.


Later in bed, cheeks tear-stained and eyelids trembling, Heidi was on the verge of sleep when someone slipped Avery into her grasp, she recognized the fabric beneath her fingers. Her eyelids fluttered open slightly to make out a dark figure she somehow knew wasn't her mother.

"Thank you." Sleep consumed her but not before she heard an unfamiliar voice whisper; "You're welcome."         

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