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What if your very own best friend or first love broke your promise for each other and has forgotten about you.....

What will you feel? Will you still wait and love him like before? Or will you move on and forget about him.

What if you also forgot about your best friend or should I say your first love....

Will you still try to remember about your memories together or just forget about him.

What if you meet up again at an unexpected place, unexpected time and unexpected event without you knowing that he was your best friend and your only first love.

What will you do?

This story is about two childhood best friends who really loves each other more than just a friend but never confesses their love for each other until such time that they were separated and forgot each other.As years pass they met up again in an unexpected place,time and happening BUT it was all the way around instead they hated each other without them knowing that they were the childhood best friends who used to be.

What do you think will happen to the both of them?
What do you think is the reason why they've forgotten each other?
Will they still stay as bestfriends?
Or Will they hate each other until their lives end?

Let's try to find out.....



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