Chapter 1- The Beginning

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"Harry," Dumbledore sighed, folding his long fingers gracefully. The revelations of the past days have been exhausting, and the preparations even more so. And how Harry would react to this new piece of information was a mystery. So young... yet so many burdens... The young man in question sat on the other side of the desk, eyes wide with anticipation and cheeks flushed.

"I assume you are itching to find out why I summoned you," he continued. Harry nodded; he had practically flown up from the Great Hall to Professor Dumbledore's office after receiving the call.

"First of all, I'd like to be patient with me. What I'm about to tell you will be very surprising, and no doubt you'll want more information, but my knowledge is limited." Dumbledore chose his words carefully. Better to ease him into it.

Harry frowned slightly. "Yes, sir."

"Your father... A few days ago, I rediscovered a letter from your father around the time of your birth. It was mostly about you, but there was also a paragraph mentioning his cousin's pregnancy." He hesitated, waiting for Harry's reaction.

Harry stared at Dumbledore blankly, unable to process the information.


"Yes." Dumbledore pulled out a piece of parchment from his desk with a flourish. "I had misplaced it and filed it into the 'Ministry Complaints' bin, which is why it took such a long time to rediscover this letter. I digged around some old records and found a small sum of information. Your great-grandparents had adopted a squib child around the time your grandfather was born. She had been rejected from her prestigious pure-blood family, but unfortunately, I was unable to identify which one. It makes no large difference though. Her name was Estelle, and she grew to marry a muggle named Jim. They had a child, Sally, in America, before dying in a plane accident." He paused for a moment.

"Sally became a squib like her mother and gave birth to a child, his father being an unnamed sailor who died at sea. Their child was Perseus Achilles Jackson, and he has shown extraordinary amounts of magic in the past few days I have been tracking him. I would like to visit his family and bring Percy to Hogwarts, which I feel may be a better environment than Ilvermorny, seeing that you, his cousin, attends here." Dumbledore continued.

Harry felt as if his brain would explode. He had a family he never knew of? Just his luck they were only discovered now.

But imagine! His kin, walking around Hogwarts. Maybe even a friend! What was he like? Were they truly his family? Could he live with this newfound family instead of the Dursley's? How would Percy accept the fact that he was a wizard? Did they know about magic? How could they not, if Percy was so powerful? What if he didn't want to go to Hogwarts?

Head spinning, Harry could only manage a small, "May I go too, Professor Dumbledore?"

"Certainly. He may be more likely to believe a young fellow his age than an aging man like me. We leave now," he smiled. Harry hesitantly took Dumbledore's hand. The room around them warped and squeezed, and the familiar gut-wrenching sensation of apparating followed as they took the first steps towards what would end in inevitable disaster.


They landed in front of a simple apartment. Harry guessed that it was New York, judging by the sight of the Empire State Building looming in the distance; he had read about it somewhere in primary school. He silently marveled at the fact that a wizarding family lived in such an ordinary adobe.

Without warning, Dumbledore strolled forward, and Harry quickly followed him up stairs after stairs. Dumbledore bounded up the endless carpet while Harry dragged himself behind. He was getting hot and sweaty, and was about to complain when Dumbledore suddenly stopped in front of 52nd blue door, consulting a scrap of paper. "This is it."

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