Calm The Fire: 134

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When it came to the banquet Náriel had got quickly changed and headed out to meet her uncle. She saw that it was only right that she should enter it with her own kin. It was strange. She couldn't imagine standing and welcoming them. Despite Erebor now clearly being her home.

She had braided her hair many times each little braid wove and intertwined with another. Each lead into one main one which she fastened with the metal clasp which was just in one braid. It proved useful. Though worn with faded markings, she would never abandon it and would always find somewhere to place it within her hair.

Her dress - she almost laughed - it had been so long since she actually wore a dress to a proper occasion such as this. Blue and light gold. It was a combination which worked so well and elegantly. The main body of the dress flowed down and trailed along the floor. There was a golden tie around her waist which she loosely bowed. The sleeves were long. Far longer than her arms. They were fitted but when it came to the end they billowed out. Inside the sleeves was dark almost navy coloured blue. The same blue lined all of the dress including the high collar. That was one thing Náriel found she loved the most. The collar stopped under her chin and hid the scar which Azog had inflicted upon her.

With being ready so soon she was able to mingle with her kin before they all moved away from the boats which had bought them back over. For the most part everyone had taken residence in Lake Town.

"Uncle," Náriel had finally managed to spy Thranduil. He turned and looked down at her. He must have got some Elves to bring him a change of clothes too. He wore a simple golden robe like herself. This had fine filigree like patterns on it in creamy white. Underneath this he wore similar coloured trousers. Legolas stood beside his father also in fine clothes similar to him. Though Legolas had resorted to a fine tunic and trouser combination, he still looked elegantly smart.

"Náriel," Thranduil turned quickly to an Elf who stood holding a wooden box. She looked confused when he had turned his back to open it up. Turning back round her eyes widened at the sight of the simple white intertwined object in his hands. It was an Elven tiara. Specifically her Elven tiara. Thranduil lifted his hands up and placed it gently over her head. It fitted perfectly. She couldn't honestly remember the last time she wore this. With the way the pieces intertwined with each other they came to a point on her forehead. From this point smaller pieces of metal work twirled and curled off.

"Now I believe we have a banquet to attend?" Thranduil commented while turning and leading the way. Náriel stepped beside Legolas and smiled up at him. They hadn't seen much of each other. And she felt saddened by this. Legolas sensing this reached out and placed a hand on her arm before linking one of his with it. Behind them Tauriel walked simply leading the rest of the Elven army which had survived.

Beside them the Men walked. Bard walked in front of both Alfrid and the Master, much to both of their annoyances. Not that Bard particularly paid much mind to them. He was too busy trying to calm his children down. They too were attending this evening. Everyone who was able to was expected to come.

Even for that matter Gandalf and Radagast who seemed a little out of place with the two remaining armies by their sides. Neither of them felt as out of place as Beorn. He was walking guardedly up to the Mountain with an unwavering look. He was also trying to recall why he had allowed Gandalf to persuade him to come. Something along the lines of: "You saved both Thorin and Náriel from certain death. They both will wish to give thanks to you, I am not going to relay the gratitude so you best attend and accept it yourself." How could he or anyone contradict that?


Being introduced into the hall which was being used for the banquet, Thorin wasn't wholly surprised to find that Náriel stood beside her cousin. When it came to getting ready he had walked to her room to find her, only to find she was not there and that she had left a note. She explained where she had gone to, and that she'd naturally see him later.

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