Part 12 - Hang out

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Since the day she cuffed me on the bed. All of us decided we have to accept that Natashya is one of us.

She took care of us on physically and mentally. I admitted,she's not that bad. She's good for sure.

She knew everything like Google. After we opened our hearts to accept her,she became the good friend of us.

We're getting closer to her. That's pretty fine. She's cool though.

"Natashya, I want to go out for the coffee" I told her because she's following me whenever I went out alone.

She did the same thing to Luke,Ashton and Michael too just they're not usually out alone like me. I preferred to be alone. But she won't let me.

She doesn't want the same thing happened to me because I'm her responsibility.

Wanna know what happened? The fans mobbed me when I went out to shopping mall alone.

Thank God Natashya was there to buy her stuffs. She helped me out.

"Hold on. I'm going to get ready" She walked to take her jacket. It's cold here.

After that,we went to the car and Natashya drove to the Starbucks. This is actually our 4th time went out together. I means alone like this.

She became one of my good friends. I knew her more and I'm liking her now.

"Why you like to go Starbucks? You went here like everyday" she asked while looking at me for a while.

"I love the coffee here" I shrugged.
"Oh really?"
"Yep" I nodded.

We keep silent again like the comfortable silent.

"Nat,I forgot that I have to buy my new boots" I turned to face her.

"Dude,you have a lot of boots already. You also have few boots that still in the fucking boxes and now you want to buy another new ones?" She shook her head in surprise.

"I just find out about the new boots in Gucci and I kinda love it. So,I have to buy it before anyone does" I smiled.

"Ahh whatever"

"No matter what,bring me to Gucci shop" I looked at her.

"Gucci there,Gucci this" she rolled her eyes.
"Yeah I like Gucci Gucci" I chuckled.

She smiled. I looked out through the window. Again,I made her smile.

"Why are you walking behind me?" I turned back to Natashya.
"Why? I always did it anyway? You act like it's the first time" Natashya knitted her eyebrows.

"Really? You did?"

"Yes,I took care of you from the back"
"Okay,started today you have to walk beside me. We're friends right?" I walked to her.

"Why?" She asked again.
"You're my friend. I can't treat my friend like a worker" I sighed.

"Ermmm since when I be your friend?" She giggled.
"Oh God,girl. Since the day we actually accepted you as our bodyguard. Not only me thought you are friend,the others too"

"Ohhhh really? You gave up huh?" She chuckled.
"Yes. We done everything but you just still with us" I smiled.

"Then,fine. I walk beside you" she raised her shoulders and walked to the Gucci shop near there.

"Find your boots faster now. I don't want stay here longer with you" Natashya looked at the Gucci dresses.

"Ai ai ma'am" I saluted her and chuckled. She playfully rolled her eyes. I went to find the new boots that I looked at on Internet.

After for a while,I bought the new boots that I want.

"So happy to get what you want huh?" Natashya crossed her arms and looked at my shopping bags.

"Yeah of course" I nodded. "It's time for lunch now"

"Wanna have some lunch with me?" I continued. She looked at me while biting her lower lip.

"I guess" she raised her shoulders. "So....let's go" I wrapped my arm around her shoulders and walked to the Italian restaurant.

"Let go of me" she shrugged my arm. I still stay like that.

"No way, I like to see you are so tiny compared to me" I pat her cheek.

"That's why I want you to let me go" she groaned. I shook my head as a no.

"I'm so done with you" Natashya looked up to me and crossed her arms. She's boiling inside. I knew it. I held my laughter.

A nice day with my friend.


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