Chapter 5: The Forbidden Topic and Decisions...

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(A/N: The songs that I link to is not really mine, credits ot Kradness and Reol, and to the other utaites!!! I'm just borrowing it as Megu-chan's voice so you can listen to music while reading fanfics.)


"Okay, what kind of topic do you want to ask me?" I asked Syo since we kept talking while we are eating lunch. "Have you gone to concerts while you were in America?" Syo asked.

"Hohoho! That's a good question! Well, yes I have! But since I transferred here, I'm busy so I can't have a schedule for a concert yet, but I already went to Peru, China, France, Italy, Spain, Philippines, Russia, and some parts of America!"

I explained to Syo. I continued eating my hash brown and my eyes sparkled, "Mmmm~ This hash brown is perfect~ Muah~" I did it like a French chef, with a little skit of having a fancy mustache.

"Oh yeah, Syo..... someday in the near future which is next week, who do you plan to be partners with, when you're going to perform in your audition?" I asked him a long and specific question.

"Umm, I don't know, you?" He asked. "I plan to be alone." I laughed. "Since I'm not really used to sing with anyone watching us. (⊙﹏⊙)" I got embarassed. "Since I bump someone on the stage." I told a bad secret to him.

He laughed, "I'm totally writing it in my memo!!!" He smirked. "Hooh~ So you'll do that, huh? So why don't we talk about your height?" I told to him. "Hey! Leave my height out of this!!!" He got mad.

"Okay, okay!!! (But I'll still talk about that to someone later... (◞ิ◟ิ‵)ʃ)) Okay, what now?" I asked. "What will you sing in the audition though?" Syo asked.

"Hmmmmmmmmm, I'll think about it!!!"

"Megumi-san!!!" The girls walked to me. "So, are you and Hayato in a relationship?" They asked. "Ah.......No." I said to them straight. "But what about the duet you sang in HAYATO'S album?" They asked.

"Ah~ That? My assistant just arranged it, since Hayato wanted to have a duet with me." I explained to them. "But what about the cute picture that you had as an album poster?" "It's supposed to be like that." I laughed a little.

They walked away later, "Phew~ Talking to them was really hard." I told Syo-chan. "Hmm, wait....... Can you go with me in the comfort room, could you just wait for me? My stomach hurts.... I think I'm about to..."

I stood up really quick and went to the comfort room. But no! It was verrry uncomfortable to **** there! I went back to my dorm, MY DORM, WHERE ARE YOU! PLEASE FIND ME!


I was a success, "Aah~ That felt good." I went out of my dorm and it was already time!!! Uwaaaaaaaaaaa!!!!!!!! I need to go!!! ─=Σ(([ •̀•́] I opened my classroom door,

"I'm very sorry for being late, Hyuuga-sensei!" I bowed down. "What now Megumi? Again? Give me a reason for being late." Hyuuga-sensei told me. "I fell asleep in the bathroom." I told him.
I saw Syo facepalmed, "Okay, you can sit down." Hyuuga-sensei told me. I sat down and continued listening to class, "Okay~ Since you've been here for many months---" "Except for me!!!" I interrupted.

"Yes, except for you but you have grades that are simply remarkable. Now where were we? Ah~ It will be 5 days from now, and you'll be in the Shining Agency. Just do good in your auditions and you might be lucky."

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