Not Awake

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Clancy's POV:

Thankfully Agent Meadows' mission was a success. Now once again our soon-to-be super soldier is under our authority, just the way it should be. Dr Connor told me she would inform me when they are awake and its been 2 hours since they arrived and surely they should be awake by now, to me something doesn't seem right. I decided I would go check on them and I started to make my way towards room A, when I saw Agent Meadows turn a corner. "Agent Meadows, can I have a word?" I called after him as I turned the same corner. "Of course, sir. What can I do for you?" he asked as he turned to face me. "I was wondering if our new arrivals are awake yet?" I asked him. "Um, I'm not sure sir, I haven't gone to check on them yet, I can go check on them now if you want me to?" he replied.  "I am more than happy to do it, thanks for the offer though Agent, good work by the way," I said finishing the conversation. He offered me a small smile and nodded his head before turning around and walked in the direction that he intended to walk in before I stopped him, then I turned as well and started to make my way back towards room A. 

I arrived and stopped outside the door to see if I could hear anything but it was quiet, oddly quiet. SO, I went ahead and typed in the code, 067450, and watched as the light above it turned from red to green and the door clicked then it opened slightly and I pushed it open the rest of the way. I walked in and switched on the lights. This isn't possible. It's been 2 hours. How are they not awake yet? I thought to myself as I switched of the lights and left the room, ensuring I closed it behind me. I watched the light above the panel turn from green to red, just to make sure it locked. Then I started walking back down towards my office but changed my mind and decided to go to Dr Connor's room to see if I could get her medical opinion.

Dr Cate Connor's POV:

I was sitting going through someone named Evie's file, when Clancy walked in. "Dr Connor, I was wondering if I could get your opinion on something?" he asked as he stepped in the doorway. "Of course and I think it's about time you started calling me Cate," I replied. "Well Cate, I have just been to check in the new arrivals and it's been 2 hours and they start aren't awake and I was wondering if maybe something was wrong," he asked. Does he know I've been dosing the new 'arrivals' with knock-out-gas, to try and stop Clancy from talking to them. I thought to myself. "Yeah, that is perfectly normal given the amount of gas the device gave off, as well as the amount of trauma they have gone through in the best few months," I replied in my doctor voice to make more convincing, I mean I wasn't lying, if I hadn't gassed them again it would have taken them awhile to wake up as those devices do let out a good bit of knock-out-gas and they have gone quite a bit of trauma in the best 2 months, so more than likely their bodies would have taken this as an opportunity to rest and heal. "So when do you think they will wake up?" Clancy asked breaking me out of my train of thought. "Maybe, check on them again in another hour or 2," I said, pulling a random number out of my head. "Okay, I'll do that, thanks Cate," Clancy said before turning around and walking out of the same doorway he walked in. "Anytime Clancy," I said as he disappeared around the corner. After he left I went back to reading through Evie's file. So she will soon be one of our arrivals tomorrow. She's a blue and so are her friends, Callie, Zach and Jack, who will also be joining us tomorrow. I though to myself before closing the file.

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