Loopy- Vikklan Parts 1 & 2

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Vikk's P.O.V.

"Come on Lachlan..." I sighed, taking his hand and pulling him from the car. He groaned and kept the ice pack over his cheek but didn't say anything, a nice surprise from his rambling all the way home.

He was a little high off the anaesthesia, I had just driven him back home from the dentist after he had had two wisdom teeth removed and he wasn't quite in his right mind. He had talked all the way back home, random things that didn't quite make sense.

I knew I probably could have recorded it, released a video of Lachlan a little bit out of his mind for the fans, but I knew Lachlan didn't want that. He didn't like things that we embarrassing for him being up on the internet because he hated getting any sort of negativity. He didn't like to deal with the hate.

I tugged on his hand again to get him to move and he stumbled, almost falling over. I stabilized him and waited a few minutes before trying to get him to move again, almost making him drop the ice pack.

"Easy, easy Lachy, just take your time." I took his hand and continued to help him, almost all of his weight leant on me.

"Noooooo" He groaned. "Don't wanna." His eyes were slipping closed and I knew he just wanted to sleep again. He had had to stay awake for two hours after waking from the anaesthesia before he was allowed to go home and now he just wanted to sleep, and I wanted to let him.

"I know you don't wanna, you've just got to get inside though. You can sleep once you're in bed." He groaned again and tried to wrench himself from my arms so he could sit down.

"Let me go..." He whined. "Don't wanna. Wanna sleeppppppp"

"I know you do." I sighed, it was like dealing with a grumpy toddler. Who was also 5 inches taller than me, and heavier than me, and couldn't walk properly, and was half way out of his mind. "But..." I heaved him so he was leaning on my shoulder. "You can't sleep in the driveway."

"Don't care I wanna sleeppppppp." Somehow I managed to pull him inside the front door and got him to kick his shoes off before he started complaining again, his head resting on my shoulder.

"Vikkyyyyyy." He whined, kicking his feet against the stairs. "Don't wanna... wanna sleeppppppp."

"I know you do sweetheart, I know, but you have to get to bed first." He shook his head but while he wasn't concentrating I managed to get him to walk up the first set of stairs, down the hall and to the door of my bedroom.

It was only when I stopped to open my door that Lachlan realised where he was and started fighting my gentle pushes towards the bed. He stumbled again and this time I couldn't hold him up, he fell on his butt and refused to get up.

"Come on Lachlan... please? It's literally two feet away..." I was getting frustrated, I knew he wasn't in his right mind but because he kept fighting me, we weren't going anywhere.

"No." He mumbled, his head nodding. "Not gonna."

"Please?" I pleaded. "I can't carry you Lachy, you gotta help me out here."

"Vikky..." This time he sounded upset and I lifted his head up to see frustrated tears in his eyes. "I wanna sleepppp."

"Oh Lachy..." I sighed and pushed his head into my shoulder. I couldn't be frustrated at him, not when he was already frustrated with himself and I knew it wasn't him, it was the medication. "It's okay."

I decided to give it one last crack before giving up and letting him sleep on the floor. I hauled him up to his feet and although he stumbled, he stayed on his feet and I got him to take the last few steps before he collapsed onto the bed.

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