11 | you're coming with me

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'What are you doing here?'
'I came to get you back silly!' He smiled.
'You're coming back to America with me!' He spread out his hands.
'No I'm not.' I was beyond confused.

'Oh don't tell me you were actually going to live here forever!' He threw his eyes up to the sky.
'That was the plan.' I spoke in the same tone with all my answers to him; dead and monotone.
'Oh my god...' he whispered under his breath.
'So if you want to leave that would be great.' I smiled sarcastically.
'I'm not leaving here without my girlfriend.' He laughed and took a step closer to the counter.

'I'm not your girlfriend.' I shook my head.
'Yes you are.' He suddenly got serious and it scared me.
'I broke up with you.' I nodded slowly.
'Only I get to decide when our relationship ends, understood?' His eyes narrowed in a way that was horrifying and scared me beyond words.

'I'm sorry but you can't control her.' Zhi Ruo, who had now turned to face Dae-Ho, joined in the conversation. I was glad of her intervention.
'And who the hell are you?' He looked her up and down as if she was a piece of dirt on the bottom of his foot.
Zhi Ruo stood closer beside me and linked her arm in mine, an action I found comforting.
'I'm her best friend.' She smiled proudly and I smiled back.
'Oh please!' He rolled his eyes and took another step towards the entrance to the counter, I took a step back in response.

Zhi Ruo whispered in my ear to tell me that she was going to go get Soo-Mi to take care of him. I nodded as she unlinked our arms and walked around to the back. She had only been gone two seconds but I felt alone and scared without her.

'Your little friend get tired of you?' Dae-Ho laughed and then scoffed.
'No. Get out.'
'Not without you.' He smiled before taking another few steps, this time so many that he was blocking any way of me getting out of there.
'I said get out.' I raised my voice a little, drawing the attention of some customers.

Why did I ever love him?

'Oh now Amara, be a good girl and come home with me where I'll look after you.' He smiled yet another horrifying smile and took yet another step forward. 'Forever.'
'Don't come any closer to me.' I held my hand out and he went to grab it but I pulled it back just in time.
'Oh, playing hard to get I see, well, two can play at that game.' He cocked his head to the side before lunging at me. He was definitely psychotic and estranged.

I shut my eyes and braced for what was to come.

But the blow didn't come.

'Let go of her!' I voice shouted and when I opened my eyes I saw Haechan trying his best to restrain Dae-Ho.
I knew he was trying his best but I also knew that he wouldn't win, Dae-Ho was twice as big as him.

But then again it's not about the size of the dog in the fight, it's about the size of the fight in the dog.

Dae-Ho twisted and turned in Haechan's arms but Haechan did his best to restrain him.
Dae-Ho managed to lift his elbow and fling it back into Haechan's face.
Haechan's grip on Dae-Ho loosened giving Dae-Ho a chance to break free.

Dae-Ho turned and hit Haechan again, this time with all the force he could manage. Haechan went flying backwards and hit the wall close behind him. I shouted at Dae-Ho to stop but why would he? Haechan couldn't do anything but suffer to the pain and I couldn't do anything because I'm stupid.

The other boys came over to try and stop him but I told them to stay back to avoid them getting hurt too.

'You will never be good enough for anyone!' Dae-Ho spat at Haechan which sparked an anger in me that I cannot describe.

This anger fuelled more rage and I don't know what happened; it was like I was watching the whole thing unfold from the sky, like I wasn't really there, like an out of body experience but then something happened and my spirit rejoined my body and I snapped.

I lunged at the back of Dae-Ho and kicked him as hard as I could, sending him tumbling forward and hitting the ground with an oomf.

'Don't ever say anything like that to him ever again!' I spat at him. Nobody is ever allowed to say those kinds of things about him. Ever.

He recovered quickly from my abuse and stood up, walked towards me at a fast pace. I could almost see the smoke oozing from his nose and ears. He was mad.

I walked back at an equally fast pace and ended up backed up against the coffee maker in the corner, avoiding his gaze as his hot breath showered me.

'You. You... you... you bitch!' He spat before slapping me across the face. Instinctively, I reached up to feel the place he had hit me, my cheek stinging from the contact.
I spat at him, not very lady like but anyways, I was angry.
He slapped me once more and I could feel the blood start to ooze from my nose and lip, then, he grabbed my wrist as I reached for my face once again.

I looked past him at Haechan who was just beginning to get up, the other boys crowded around him to care for him.

Soo-Mi came around from the back with Zhi Ruo at her shoulder, their faces immediately dropping at the scene.

'Ama-' she began but I shook my head at her, pleading her to help.
Dae-Ho snapped around to look at them giving me the chance to shake him off and run away.

I ran out of the coffee shop, voices calling my name. I did not turn back but kept running.

Dae-Ho was close behind me, he was a member of a local running club in LA and was one of the top sprinters.

I kept running and running.
'You can't outrun me Amara! I'll get you one way or another! You're mine and always will be!' He called from behind me, he sounded maniacal.

I ignored him, tears beginning to blur my vision. How I was only beginning to cry now I don't know, usually I cry easily like even at cute puppies but anyways back to me being chased by my psycho ex boyfriend...

I ran down the street until I came to a crossing, there was no other way to go.

The traffic was coming fast and heavy but I didn't care, I hoped someone would stop.

I didn't look either way but ran out across the street.

I didn't look but heard someone calling my name in the distance because all that filled my ears was the sound of a car honking and tires screeching.

Then it all went black.

Sorry for making y'all sad and mad again but *HINT/SPOILER* the book title is a spoiler for what's going to happen 😬



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