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Yoongi was tired from smiling the whole night, and showing his fans how much he loves them. Well, of course he does, but sometimes it gets a bit too hard on him. He doesn't want to smile every second, showing his love. But he has to.

And if he doesn't, some–if not all– of his fans will spam the twitter, Instagram, youtube, and every social networking site out there, saying "Suga Smile not so Suga anymore", or something like "Heartbroken Suga as BTS delivers the majestic performance", or something along the lines of that.

And they just flood through every fan site and it goes on until their next performance. It gets tiring. But he'll never say that.

Because he's Min Yoongi, Suga, August D. He's meant to be a hero.

And being him, he zips his mouth pushing down all the exhaustion inside him. He pushes down his worries, his pain and his emotions deep down the cup, not worrying about the time when it will–certainly–overflow.


Jimin's soft whisper broke his chain of thoughts–that would've probably gone way too far–and he turned around.

The lights were off, except the yellowish glow of the table lamp trying to light up the room, but Yoongi could see. He could see the smaller boy's lips drawn in a thin line, showing that he's worried. And being the only one around, he's more than sure that it is directed towards him.

But somewhere inside him–his dark side–whispers, clawing in through the darkest depths of his mind, the words echo.

look at him. he's pitying you. poor boy.

His fingers curled around the sheets at the edge of the bed, tightening them around the thin fabric. It did not miss Jimin's quick glance.

And if it was not Jimin's voice calling him again, his fingers would've probably went through the cloth and dig down on his skin.


It wasn't a question this time. The word help a certain warmth that Yoongi could not fathom, but he sure was drawn to it. To feel the same warmth wrap around his cold body, and—

Yoongi doesn't know. Yet.

"Hyung." Again.

"Hyung." Again.

"Hyung." And again.

It was as if he's trying to reach his darkest depth, breaching his walls, begging him to hold on to his hand. And oh god, he did. He broke through them all, he did, and struck a chord that had Yoongi falling on the smaller boy, his arms wrapping around the petite frame in a tight embrace.

Jimin said nothing. His head fell on Yoongi's shoulder, taking in the scent that is Yoongi. Only him. His home. His safe heaven. His everything.

Yoongi felt the warmth, the same warmth, seeping through his body, through his veins and driving him crazy. He felt the feathery touches of fingers on his back which roamed around drawing abstract words. He felt the beat of his heart which somehow matched his and created a soothing rhythm. If only this is forever. If–

"Ji–" Yoongi started, maybe to voice out his thoughts–he didn't know how–but a subtle "shh" from Jimin shut him up.

Jimin pulled up a little, their lips being millimeters apart, their breaths mingling together, he whispered, "Let me."

Yoongi didn't know what. What he wanted. But Jimin's eyes were sincere, and they wouldn't take no for an answer. Yoongi felt the love, the intense desire, lacing those words and even if he wanted, he didn't have the strength to say no to those longing eyes.

"Please." Was all he said, and Jimin was all over him.

His plump lips crushed with his chapped ones, tasting him, desiring him, devouring him, and making him know that he's here, and that he'll hold on to him.

Yoongi welcomed him, opening his arms and spreading his legs, letting Jimin press his whole body on him. His pressure reminding him that this was no dream, that Jimin was actually kissing the living hell out of him.

But sweet lord, he needed it. He craved his touch, like a moth to a flame. Knowing he was crossing the lines, but he would do it. For him.

They opened their mouths further and pressed deeper, their tongues massaging each other, their hot irregular breaths swallowed by the other. Yoongi wrapped his hands around the small back of Jimin and pulled him closer towards his body, leaving no space for imagination between them.

Jimin pulled back for a second, and gazed at his hyung underneath him. To him, Yoongi is everything. And he would do anything and everything to make him happy. Yoongi looked at him through half lidded eyes, breathing irregularly. Jimin ran his fingers through the soft locks of Yoongi's now blonde hair, peppering kisses all over his face.


"Kiss me."

He need not to be told twice, as he smashed their lips together again, placing his hands on Yoongi's cheeks, snapping his eyes close. For now, they needed no words. All that Yoongi needed was a confirmation, that he was not alone. He didn't have to bear it alone, that Jimin was there to share his burden. That there was someone who knew the real him, who craved for someone to love him like no other. Jimin was all of that.

After a few seconds of passionately kissing each other, the urgency receded, and they were kissing softly, sweetly saying everything that they couldn't express in words. The lust that was evident in Jimin's deep kisses turned into those of love, and Yoongi felt tears welling up near the corner of his eyes. If only this was forever.

Jimin gave a tender peck and slumped his whole body on the boy underneath him, nuzzling his head in his neck.

"I need you, hyung. I am in love with you, and I'll be always here for you. You don't have to say anything if you don't want to, but just know that I'm here. Don't bottle up everything inside, I'm here. You can cry on my shoulder, I won't laugh. It'll be our little secret. And I promise, I'll never let you get hurt. It has always been you, hyung. Always." Those words send Yoongi's already rapidly beating heart into a frenzy of emotions and it was too much for him. He broke into a silent sob. Stifled chokes, and tears escaped him, as he buried his head on his shoulder.

Clutching onto Jimin's body like his life depended on him–and it did–he cried, softly on his shoulder as Jimin held him closer, his warmth surrounding him.

Yoongi knew, he was not alone. He has Jimin, his only safe heaven. Home, was with him.


look at me trying to write.
i should seriously stop doing that. heh.

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