Twenty Two

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The look on Leonidas's face gave reason for her most haunting fears.

The world around her slowed as her heart rate sped to unbelievable beat and her breath caught in her chest. Her head rang with the howl of a beast, untamed and ready to be let loose. She felt the beginnings of panic overcome her as she tried to feel for any sense of her father through her connection to him

Before she could fall into the depths of despair and allow the inner beast to overcome her, a hand clamp over each of her wrists. Leonidas stood before her, eyes aglow from the wolf within, and a gaze full of worry and anger. His firm grip brought her back to earth and for a moment she felt a sense of déjà vu; she'd been in the same situation, in the same place a long time ago.

"What is happening?" She asked desperately.

He took a breath, and it seemed like an age had passed before he decided to speak again.

"Michael seeks to fulfil the challenge that was issued, much has changed since you have been gone."

She should have expected the words that came from his mouth. She had allowed Michael too much power in her absence and he had taken what was to offer. She had abandoned them, just as she had done before.

The fires that cast earie shadows along the trees danced in her view from across the lake. It was clear that the challenge was a ceremonial death sentence, the opportunity for Michael to eradicate the last of the High Alpha's without realising that his son was one of them.

"Your father is weakened. He has been imprisoned since the Árd Rìgh was sent to join you. It seems that we have played directly into his hands." Leonidas explained.

Adelaide felt the hatred she had locked away for so long appear within a flash. She turned her head towards Adam and growled ferociously. She could feel the blood moving in his veins, Michaels blood, and she wanted it to spill into her fingers. He made no move against her as Leonidas tugged on her arms, regaining her attention before she lost control.

"You must retake your vows." He urged with emphasis.

"There is no time for pageantry, I must protect my father." She bit out through sharpened teeth.

He pulled her forward and stood her before the alter. She looked upon it as the pack appeared from the shadows and gathered around, they sensed her anger and pain, and wanted to bear witness to the justice that she would deal out.

Adelaide could feel the thrum of power from the alter, as she always did, and she became transfixed on the stone table as Leonidas began to chant. She felt the flow of power come over her as the Goddess over took her body and she glowed ethereal once again.

She stepped forward and the first step of the stone alter felt cool against the bottom of her foot. Her mouth opened in awe as she felt herself be given to the Goddess once again. She knelt before the table, the physical remnant of the Goddess and let her palms sink into the indents as if it were their home. Leonidas circled her before coming to a stop in front her, she raised her bowed head and looked upon him with eyes full of starlight as her shoulders shook.

"In our time of need you have been called upon once again. You must speak the sacred vow and the Goddess may bestow her gifts upon you." He spoke.

"I do not kill the innocent."

The words sunk into her soul as she spoke them, and she felt the burn against her skin as her scars were filled in with the familiar Comharran Geala that she had worn so long ago.

"I uphold the laws of the old ways."

She felt the pain within her very bones as she continued, her mind opening up fully to the Goddess, the only time she would be so true and pure. The eyes of the maker were the only ones that could judge her.

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