Chapter 20

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"Ah Sinclair! My boy!” My yell reached the large werewolf who was trying and failing miserably to hide his face behind a large newspaper. More than once I had managed to see him peak out from it whilst I spoke to Anthony, the young man who I had promised to meet with once I returned from Arthur.

Anthony had a whole lot to say about Harold, but our conversation had soon came to an end after the burly werewolf showed up, sitting only a few tables away from us. I had seen him passing by the restaurant outside and  felt his eyes on me as contemplated his next move of action. I was not surprised when he finally came inside, thinking that I had not spotted him.

I shook Anthony’s hand and left my table, walking to Sinclair’s, who had now discovered that he had been caught trying to listen in to my discussion. He was grabbing at his coat and fixing his hat when I reached him, his upper lip curled in a snarl as he glared down at me.

“How have you been?” I said, falling into step with him as he walked briskly through the restaurant, dodging waiters holding plates and glasses. “I mean, life must be difficult for you now that you’ve been fired from your job. But then again, I’m sure Idina must be paying you a hefty fee for whatever it is that you’re doing for her, so you must not be worried about getting money.”

A low growl, one of warning rumbled from him and I wagged a finger in his face. “Now now. Let’s not get any attitude. So why were you in the restaurant? I saw that you did not order anything.”

When he didn’t respond, I continued speaking.

“I also saw that you were trying to hear what I was saying with the young man. You need not worry, the topic of our conversation had little to do about you.”

Brad stepped forward when we exited the building, eyes narrowing sharply at Sinclair. Holding an umbrella with one hand, he took my arm with the other and pulled me away from the broody werewolf, who had began to walk away, disregarding the rain. Pinching my lips together, I stood by the door of a vehicle, staring as he walked down the sidewalk, bumping into many people trying to get out of the rain.

“Could we follow him?” My question was directed to Brad. He hesitated, looking at the watch strapped to his wrist but nodded. I got in the vehicle quickly, the SUV speeding forward as Brad hurried to catch up to Sinclair. We watched as he got into a flashy Dodge Challenger car and drove through traffic. Brad made sure that there was some distance between the vehicles as he drove so Sinclair would not become aware of us following him.

“If I may ask, Rebecca,” Brad said after we stopped at a red light. “Why are we pursuing this man?”

“He’s acting suspicious,” I told him. “Besides, we have nothing else to do and I’m curious to know where exactly he’s going.”

Brad still looked reluctant, but carried on driving. The route which we took as we followed Sinclair’s car was an unfamiliar one and I realized that I had never been in this type of neighborhood before.

Several feet away from where Sinclair had parked, was where Brad turned off the engine, both of us gazing out the window as Sinclair walked through a murky road.

“Rebecca,” Brad said as my fingers wrapped around the handle of the door. “I will call Xerxes and let him know that we shall be late if you intend on following that man further.”

I shrugged. “Then do so. I won’t be long.”

Brad was swift as he pulled at the material of my shirt. “I will come with you.” He told me. I nodded and got out the vehicle, relieved that the rain had lessened.

My sneakers sunk into the wet mud as we walked, keeping  Sinclair in my line of sight. A few glances around the area showed some ‘houses’, which looked exactly like the one which I grew up in after the werewolves had taken over. I frowned, wondering why Xerxes had not looked into fixing up this area as yet. I yanked my hoodie over my head when we passed a few people, a gut feeling telling me that it was best that I hide my identity.

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