Chapter 19 – Wimpy Waxers and Wild Wind

                “On the road again!” I sang, earning a chuckle from Hunter beside me. Kenzi belted out the rest of the tune from the backseats. Dylan groaned, sinking down in his seat and Alfie scoffed.

                “I think my ears are bleeding,” he complained. Lee thwacked the back of my seat in protest and I smirked.

                “You can’t complain. You brought this upon yourselves,” I chimed, continuing my singathon.

                That morning, Hunter and I had tried the lock numerous times but it hadn’t opened, so we ended up calling for reinforcements. I’d called Alfie, who had called Lee, who had called Dylan, who called Seb and Kenzi. Instead of helping us out, they stood outside the room and laughed, telling us that they were going to leave without us. In the end, I’d called the motel security and they’d sent a lock smith up. To make matters worse, Seb had been telling him that Hunter was my cousin and we both tended to get horny when left alone together, so had spent the night ‘banging’. When the guy said that he didn’t understand, Lee translated it for him.

                So, all in all, I told them they’d regret it and so far, I hadn’t broken my promise. I’d taken up the position of driver and hadn’t stopped singing since we left. And trust me, I’m no contestant for the X-Factor.


                “Do you even know where you’re going?” Hunter asked. I shrugged in answer to his question, glancing down at the map that was resting between my legs and the steering wheel. Our next big stop was going to be Rome and it was a plan of ours to stay there for a few days. Unfortunately, we were too far from there to get there with one road trip, we were going to have to make stops along the way. Much to the boy’s disappointment, they were only small villages.


                “Give me the map,” Hunter grumbled, taking it from me and trying to work out where we were. An hour and a half later, we were going the wrong way, Lee needed a wee and Seb needed a fag.


                We knew that the wind had picked up as we had been travelling. It had been screeching when anyone opened a window and working against the car to push it over, but we hadn’t been expecting anything like it when we all got out for a stop.

                Dylan had resorted to staying in the car with the biscuits, Lee went for a leak in the woods and I went for a walk to stretch out my legs. I didn’t get very far. One: because my centre of gravity was so low, I didn’t have much balance with all the wind and two: Walking against the wind gave you some serious G-force action on the face.

                “Bloody hell,” Seb complained, turning away from the wind to try and light his cigarette. Hunter was hanging out of the passenger side holding the map, trying to work out what road were on and Alfie was giving him a hand from behind. Kenzi was like me, holding onto everything for dear life and spitting our hair out of our mouths every five seconds.

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