2. Bailey

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I make sure no one follows me to the basement and smoothly slide into my ultimate hiding spot.

I'm slowly shutting the door behind me when I get stopped by something. I look up and see a hand before Nick saunters around the door.

"No. Uh uh. Not happening. Find your own spot," I whisper-yell.

"This is my spot. I knew this was a fake bookcase the last time I was here. My house has one of these too," he says.

I hear Ian from upstairs, "100!"

Shit. "Okay. Get in, but you better not get me caught."

He puts up his hand to give the "Scouts honor" symbol and slides in. He stands behind me in the closet-sized room as I quietly shut the door behind him.

His mouth is an inch from my ear. "So what's the deal with hide and seek? I don't think I've played this since I was ten."

I shrug. "Tradition. Now be quiet."

He lowers his volume but continues, "All I'm saying is that I could think of a lot more fun things we could do in a dark room."

Ugh. Gross. "Don't even think about it, Robinson."

He chuckles quietly then remains silent. I can hear footsteps running upstairs. Someone must have already been found, and Ian is getting to a hiding spot quickly.

It's hard to have any concept of time, but several minutes must pass before Nick shifts his feet, moving slightly closer to me. Now I can feel his breath on the back of my neck. It's warm and travels down my torso straight to the junction between my legs.

"How long do we stay in here?" He whispers, so quietly I can barely hear him even in this silent room.

The room is pitch black, but I still feel the need to close my eyes as I answer, "As long as it takes."

"I like that answer." His lips are now touching my ear. They feel so soft against my lobe and send another warm sensation through me. I'm not sure if it's the fact that I'm still reeling from my breakup or that I've been abstinent for over a year, but the sexual tension in this small space is starting to overwhelm me.

I picture Nick spinning me around and taking my lips with his. I imagine running my hands through his thick hair and pulling him tight against me. I fantasize unzipping his jeans, yanking them down and grabbing him—STOP.

Holy shit, I can't believe I'm having these thoughts about Nick. He has been the bane of my existence for the past six years. Pulling prank after prank, trying to make my life hell. But his presence is overtaking this room, and he smells so good.

He places his hand on my hip, and it makes me jump. I wasn't expecting the touch. My initial instinct is to smack it off—that's what I would have done an hour ago—but I don't.

He slowly slides his fingers under my shirt, touching my bare skin. I can feel my breathing accelerate and try, unsuccessfully, to control it. I don't want Nick to know the effect he's having on me.

When all his fingers and palm are flat against my stomach, he forces me to take a step backward so our bodies are touching. I can feel his heart beating hard and fast in his chest. I'm glad I'm not the only one fired up.

His hand begins to move lower. As it reaches the waistband of my joggers, I'm suddenly hesitant. "I—I..." My voice is shaking.

I feel him move his open mouth up my neck, dragging his lips along my skin. His voice is husky in my ear. "Tell me to stop."

I don't, and he doesn't.

He slides his fingers into my panties, and before I even know what's happening, plunges one inside me. I throw my head back onto his shoulder and bite my lip to keep from screaming.

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