Chapter 2

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Let me first tell you about the week before I met Armaan...
It was a stressful monday... I was preparing for my presentation that I was having that day. I don't like presentations! All those eyes on you, the students judging and the teacher carefully listening to every word. Ughhh! But I had to do it... it was part of my exam and I had to pass this!
I was studying my text when my dad came rushed into my room...
" Yara! It is going bad with grandpa, your mom and I will go to him tonight"
" What?! But then I will be alone"
" You will not be alone, Miraj is still here"
" But he will probably stay at one of his friends again..."
" No we have already talked to him, he won't go anywhere. I really want to bring you with us, but your exams..."
he was right if I missed these important exams I would waste a whole year!
" You can stay at auntie Mahi if you want?" - said my mom.
" Uhmm I will think about it"
" Okay Yara" - my mom said and gave me a hug.

I went to college. I was really nervous about the presentation. It was a lecture presentation in front of two classes! I walked inside the classroom. Ughh I can't do this!
" Yara it's your turn" - said the professor
" You can do it" - whispered Danish. Danish is a classmate, he is like one of those joker, troublemaker, 'trying to be cool and funny'
guys! You know what I mean right?! He is also muslim, that might be the reasons he is nice to me. There aren't a lot of muslims at my college.
I just gave him a small forced smile.
My hands were getting sweaty and my legs were shaking. Just when I walked on the stage I stumbled on my shoelaces. So just a small advice... please check your shoelaces before giving a presentation!
Everyone was laughing, even the professor! Yes the professors at my college were stupid too! I quickly stand up.
" Hey Uhm.. my.. my presentation is.." People kept grinning and whispering to each other.
" I uhm... about... a..." I couldn't even remember my text anymore.
" Yara?" - said the professor
" Yes..."- I said with wide eyes.
" Are you okay?"
I nodded. I wasn't okay!
" Are you going to start or not? I don't have the whole day" - screamed Bertha.
" I... uhm"
" Yara you can do your presentation again next week" - said the professor
" Okay" - I said disappointed and walked away.

It was a rainy Tuesday.
I woke up early and went downstairs to make breakfast.
" Miraj? Miraaaajj... ughh he probably already left"
" Why are you screaming? I'm here dumbo" - he said coming from the bathroom
" Don't call me that!"
" Dumbo Dumbo Dumbooo"
" So childish!"
He rolled his eyes, said " I will be home tonight!" and left the house.
Ughh he is so annoying.
I went to the kitchen to make some food.
" aaawwww!" - I cut my fingers.
" shhtttt! Aawww!" It was bleeding and hurting so much! The blood spat on my white shirt. "Ughh now I have to change too" It wasn't stopping bleeding so I grabbed the first aid box and put a band-aid on it. After that, I went to college, I was already getting late.

On my way, I met Nooshin...
" Heyy girl! How are you?" - she asked
" I'm okay Alhamdulilah (Praise to be God). Did you hear about grandpa?"
" Yeah... so sad"
We were quiet for a couple of seconds, untill I broke the silence.
" Hmm... so what are you doing after college?"
" I don't know yet... maybe I will do something with Lola"
Lola is Nooshin's best friend, but I don't like her. I don't really have a valid reason for that, but I just don't get a postive vibe around her.
" Okay. See you!" - I said and walked away.
I went to class and after that to the library and tried to study. I couldn't remember anything! Why is it always so easy to remember stupid lyrics but not the important things?! The people behind me were talking so loud! At one point, I got so annoyed so I stood up and searched for another study place. I walked around in our college building. We moved to this building since a few weeks, it's much bigger than the old one. It has 4 floors and a lot more rooms. Ughh everywhere was full of people, I just wanted a peaceful place. I walked upstairs to the highest floor. Ughh here it's full too! At the moment I wanted to go back downstairs, I noticed a door at the end of the hall, it had a stairs symbol on it.
Huhh? I thought this building has only 4 floors?! I opened the door slowly, it cracked. I walked up on the stairs that didn't really looked safe. Ughh... what are you doing?! I'm sure you aren't allowed to be here.
But I was just too curious to find out what is in there, so I walked further. There was no one there and really quiet. I saw another door. "Not allowed" - was written. Hmm should I just open it?
I opened the door slowly... it was really dark, I walked inside and touched the wall to find the light switch. Suddenly I stumbled on something. "Aahhhh!" I fell into a box on something soft. I jumped out of it, grabbed my phone out of my pocket and turned on the flashlight. I looked around...
"Aaahhhh!" "Allahu Akbar(God is great)!!" - I screamed, when I realized I covered my mouth quickly and closed my eyes. I hope no one heard me! I screamed because there was a wig on the ground!! I almost got a heart attack,  I thought someone was laying there dead. After breathing again I found the light switch. Wow! It looks like no one comes here, there was a really big closet in the middle that separated the room into two sides. On the right side was a small table and a few chairs, on the left side was also a table and some instruments. There were also a lot of boxes everywhere. I opened one of the boxes... costumes and a prayer mat?! Huh what's that doing here?! I quickly put it back... Maybe this used to be a drama room and they were doing an Alladin scene or something?! Everything was messy and dusty, but it was the perfect place to study for me! I grabbed some tissues out of my bag and started wiping the table and chairs. I grabbed my laptop and started studying there. Suddenly I realized that it was already late so I quickly went home before Miraj would be angry.

" Where were you all day?!" - Ughh Miraj was home before me...
" College"
" With who?"
" Uhm... just alone"
He stared at me with a serious face. Yeah Miraj! I don't have many friends as you do!
" And you?"
" Work"
" Okay"
It was weird to have a simple conversation with my brother. We didn't do this for a long time. This was the first time that we were home alone together. My parents went abroad without us when we were younger but our aunty would always stay with us. Suddenly I got a call from Nooshin. She asked me to come over, first I was doubting but I said yes.
I wish I didn't say yes... because that day... that day ruined our friendship.


(Do you like presentations? And did you ever found a secret or just a weird room at school/college/work?! I did! And there was also a wig on the ground, I almost got a heart attack like Yara hahaha. Hope you like this chapter! Don't forget to vote and comment! )

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