Chapter Forty-Four: The End.

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Forty-Four: The End.
(400+ words.)

Saturday night.

LYDIA knew where they were going as soon as they drove out of town. They were going to the place where they both confessed their feelings for each other.

She was trying to keep calm but couldn't, the element surprise was going to kill her. George had something big planned and she felt like it would knock the breath out of her lungs.

"You're starting to make me feel nervous, Lydia" George chuckled, making Lydia hit his shoulder with her free hand. Her other hand was holding his while his thumb traced patterns onto the back of it. He probably doesn't even know that he is doing it, Lydia thought.

"I am nervous. You haven't given me any hints on where you are taking me or what we are going to be doing." Lydia began to rant but was cut off by George stopping the car. They had arrived at the rubbish pit.

George smiled brightly, "Lydia, you gotta stop looking at crime shows so much." Rolling her eyes playfully, Lydia kissed his cheek," sorry for freaking out."

Chuckling, George exited the car and walked around the passenger door opening it to see a grinning Lydia. His heart was beating fast in his chest. Am I having a stroke?

Shaking his head, he held out his hand and without hesitation, Lydia's fingers laced through his. Though once Lydia was out of the car she nearly fell in disbelief.

She'd been so caught up with where they were going that she'd forgotten to look out the window. Right in front of her was the pit but it wasn't as she remembered it to be.

The lake had frozen over and on it stood everyone George and she loved. Both their parents, Angie, Chris, Kayla, Aaron and Freya all holding two letters each.

All them letters spelling a question that brought tears of happiness to Lydia's eyes. She felt George's hand slip out of hers, turning to him she saw that he was down on one knee.

Tears were welled up in his eyes and Lydia could feel her tears flowing down her cheeks. "Lydia, I've fallen deeply in love with you over the last two years. I've fallen in love with everything about you and still every day I find out something new about you and fall even deeper in love with you. So, Lydia Maria Jackson, will you marry me?"

Lydia nodded her head like a fool, "yes!" Tears rolled down her face uncontrollably as George slipped the ring onto his finger.

"I love you, George," Lydia mumbled as he leaned forward. George grinned, "I know Lydia, I know."

Leaning in, George knew that whatever happened from this moment forward that they'd go through it together. As their lips touched, yells from their loved ones were heard.


This has been the most emotional and cutest story I've written so far. Thank you all for reading it. I love you all!


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