Chapter Forty-Three: She's beautifully flawed.

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Chapter Forty-Three: She's beautifully flawed.

Saturday night.

GEORGE stood at the Jacksons' front door, wearing a black suit and baby blue tie. The same colour as Lydia's dress.

Like always, Lydia's parents were out and so was Aaron meaning only Lydia was home. Knocking on the door, George couldn't help but smile. Everything was in place and all he needed was the girl. His girl.

Rushing down the stairs, Lydia glanced in the mirror to see that everything was still in place. Kayla had finished her hair and make up an hour ago and left when Aaron came home. Though then Aaron left without even saying hello making Lydia confused as to why he was acting like this.

The blue dress that George had bought her was flawless and as she put it on she knew that she was beautiful. Beautifully flawed.

"Coming," Lydia yelled as she heard another knock on the door. It was seven o clock and due to it being winter, the sun had already set.

Opening the front door Lydia grinned because standing in front of her was George. Her George, wearing the same coloured tie as her dress.

His mind was going 100 miles an hour as he took in her appearance. She was breathtaking but she was also his meaning he could look at her for as long as he pleased without anyone judging him. All he had to do was make her officially his and him officially hers.

"You look beautiful, you always do," George whispered sincerely, not knowing where his voice went.

Lydia's cheek began to hurt at how hard she was grinning but couldn't find it in herself to stop. George did the weirdest things to her. "Thank you. You look as handsome, like always," she said lacing her fingers through his.

She didn't know what this night would bring but with George, she was open to anything.


It's all coming to an end, my loves.


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