C H A P T E R 2 5

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C H A P T E R 2 5



"Trust the Alpha of Oak Marsh Pack to be half an hour late," Aidan mutters beside me, glancing down at his wristwatch.

Rolling her eyes, Sky fixes her hair for the hundredth time. "The invitation said seven o'clock, not half six."

Aidan gives her a dubious look, "No...it didn't. I wrote those myself and it said half six."

Sky mutters something that none of us can catch and flicks Aidan's forehead. He flinches and yelps, stumbling a few feet backward. "Alpha Kaiden asked me to re-write the invites because nobody could read your handwriting and he told me to change the times. Duh."

Aidan frowns and averts his eyes from Sky to Kaiden who is stood to the other side of me. His arm is wrapped around my waist, ready to show all of the guests that we are together. Apparently, some wolves don't believe Kaiden has a second mate. I didn't know it was rare until Aidan brought it up earlier at breakfast.

"You're lying," Aidan states, trying to gain Kaiden's attention. Kaiden doesn't seem to notice Aidan at all. I feel bad for Aidan, he really does try to make people proud of him. "My handwriting isn't bad - mom and dad can read it."

Sky presses her lips together and shakes her head, "nope. They pretend to because they know you'll have one of your infamous tantrums."

I arch my eyebrow at Sky's comment. Tantrum? I haven't seen that before. Aidan seems like a cool guy, I can't imagine him acting like a five-year-old who didn't get their pocket money.

"I do not have tantrums," Aidan assures us, sending Sky an icy look. Aidan turns to me and tries to persuade me that Sky is lying. "She's wrong, I don't. I'm a sensible person."

From her position behind Aidan, Sky shakes her head and mouths 'no he's not'. I try to hide the smile that's tugging at the end of my lips.

"She's saying no behind me isn't she?" Aidan whispers, knowing Sky will be able to hear him. Nodding my head, I smile when Aidan groans.

"When we I was fifteen, Aidan refused to go out shopping with my parents because they wouldn't let him go to a party tonight. He ended up crying in his room." Sky blurts out, giggling.

Aidan whirls around and lunges at Sky, in fury. I stifle my laughter and watch them in amusement. I always love listening to their banter.

"I remember that day," Kaiden informs me. I divert my eyes to him and smile eagerly, showing him I want to hear more. "I went to the party and received text messages from Aidan every thirty minutes, asking me what was happening. He was devastated that he missed his first party."

Poor Aidan. He hates being left out, he doesn't like missing events. Even when Kaiden and I are spending time together, Aidan will try to join us.

"Why do you always have to embarrass me?" I hear Aidan yell to Sky, who is laughing maniacally. Even though Aidan has a murderous expression on his face, Sky knows he won't seriously harm her. Aidan loves Sky even though she always tries to embarrass him.

"I don't do anything," Sky says, "You manage to do it all by yourself."

"But you don't have to bring up examples though."

Sky stops running and spins around to face Aidan. He skids to a stop, panting out of breath. For someone who is nearly as strong as Kaiden, Aidan tends to wear out quicker.

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