chapter seventeen

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 her eyes fluttered open to a farmiliar room once again. it was the hospital room in ethens house.

"she stays!" a venomous voice yelled, but it didnt belong to ethen.

ethens friend stormed into the room and slammed the door behind him. he stood there for a second before cracking his neck and smiling.

"your welcome for saving your life" he stated as he walked over to her bed and brushed the side of her cheek.

she pulled away from his cold touch before gasping from the intense pain running through her body.

"i wouldnt move love" he chuckled before walking over to the chair ethen always sat in and sat in it himself.

"wheres ethen?" she asked which was more of an order.

"ethen?, oh he said he was busy and would be here sometime after hes done" he replied and she frowned as that didnt sound like ethen at all.....

"what did you do to him?" she snapped and he chuckled at her reponce.

" nothing, its the truth." he stated in a matter of fact tone.

the door smashed open before ethen barged in and he didnt look happy.

he swept her up in his arms before quickly racing out with his friend following.

"their coming. we need to protect her" he stated to him as he placed rose in the back seat of the car and quickly jumped into the drivers seat as his friend got into the passanger seat.

speeding off into the night, she blacked out.

waking up again she was still in the car and ethen sat there with her head on his lap waiting for her to wake up.

"hey" she said softly as he smiled at her and brushed her hair back.

"i promise you rose, i will explain everything in time. but i need to apolagise to you first. i shouldnt have stormed out on you saying the things i had..."

"no it's fine, you were in the right to say everything you said" she replied as she slowly sat up and looked out the window to see that they were at a small wooden house in the middle of nowhere.

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