Chapter 19.1: Veiled Threat

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Williams hands were bound to the back of the most uncomfortable chair he had ever sat in. He pouted at the administration staff as they carried on with their post-curfew duties, paying him no attention, as though having two E.M.I. officers standing guard next to him was normal.

William sulked at his reflection in the glass. Now that he thought about it, the whole situation made him look bad-ass. He smirked a little. He was cuffed on the back of the head. "Dumbass, you're going to be charged with assault. There's nothing funny happening here." That was the guy to his right. He couldn't see out of his right eye, it had become too swollen. Seth had nailed him pretty good before the E.M.I. tackled him.

His shoulders hurt and his arms ached. He was pretty sure he was going to be bruised up pretty bad. It wouldn't surprise him at all if there were great big hand marks along his arms from where the E.M.I. hauled him off.

William had been sitting out on display for at least three hours before curfew. He was sure that another hour had passed since. Tours, investors, and parents had cast him terrified glances, as the school used him to demonstrate that they took the security of their students seriously. Yes, the public was safe from people like him. The wall that separated him from his public prosecutors was a glass pane that could have just as easily have been digitized to show a solid wall, or a view of anything else for that matter.

He was aware what he was being used for. He was being shamed instead of celebrated all because of the size of Astral's inheritance. That was all going to change soon.

He did the world a favour. That Enhanced low-life got what was coming. She needed to learn her place. It wouldn't be long before her grandfather would have to choose between his career and taking care of her. It was a no brainer as far as he was concerned. He was sure something would be worked out for her, maybe some little job as a maid to some low-level corporate manager.

He felt dumb for not having put it together before now. Of course she was Enhanced! Her eyes were unnatural. He'd never seen such pale blue eyes... And the way the blue seemed to freckle the iris – it was just weird. In the past year or so, her eyes had a bit of a glow to them. For the most part, he barely noticed, unless he was up close. When he watched her eyes, the way the outer ring pulsed with an inner light, he found himself drowning in emptiness. Alone.

When he was a boy, he had commented on it. His dad took him aside and told him that she had a degenerative disease. She was going blind. He felt bad for her at first. He had asked her: "What it was like to know you'll never see like normal people?"

She replied with: "How does it feel to know you're never going to be a real human boy?"

He guessed he could say that they never really got along. They tolerated each other at best. But still, when it came to her, he felt like she was watching him. One false move... Not that he knew what that move was. He didn't know what he did to make her hate him so much.

When he met her, he had this impression that one day, she was going to end him. She had smiled and introduced herself with a curtsy. She was eight at the time. He was nine. There was no happiness in those cold blue eyes. If anything, the smile she wore was like wolf baring its fangs, while her eyes said: "Oh. It's you."

Her first impression of him wasn't like she had heard about him for years before hand. It wasn't like when they finally met, he just didn't measure up to expectations. He got the distinct impression, that she already knew him personally. It was weird to feel so exposed, to feel like his life had been laid out before him for someone else's eyes. He got the feeling that she knew what he would become.

He didn't like thinking about it. He liked to think that he was destined for greatness and that she just jealous. He could feel it in in his bones. If only she'd get out of his way.

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