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I couldn't believe it. I was just about to kiss what's her name. Emory. EMORY!

My dad was at the party. What if he saw. Or Caddy! Or anyone actually.

And shit. Emory. Emory Peter's. This was sooooo wrong! Why did I have to ask HER out of ALL people.

And why did she have to be so funny and sweet and fun!

Why couldn't she just be boring and annoying! She had such pretty blue eyes and the cutes smile ever.

Why am I thinking this.  The ball was almost over and I didn't really want to hang around.

I got into my car and was driving home. Looking at my dashboard I realized that I had her mask.

i felt like such a dick. I shouldn't have walked away like that.

I turned around and headed to her house.


I was sitting in my balcony feeling sorry for myself. Sometimes I like to dwell in self pity. It's hard to always be strong.

Dean drove me home. He really was a nice guy. My mother was home. She did not come to the dance though. She was too tired. She had just come home from work.

She invited him in and practically interviewed him. It had been an hour since he left now.

"Today didn't go so great Dad." I whispered to the night sky.

A tear rolled down my cheek.

"I wish you were here to make it all better."


"Hello Mrs. Perter's... I'm..."

"You must be Henry." she said.

Henry? Who the hell is Henry? Was he her boyfriend? Was she going to kiss me when she had a boyfriend?

"No... I'm Matt. From when she got stuck in school."

"I know WHO you are. Just didn't remember your name."

"Is Emory there?"


"Can I see her? Please?"

"It's late. You're a boy. I don't know if I should you let you in."

What do I say to that? I have perfectly good intentions?

"Ha Ha Ha! Look at you're face. Got you didn't I?"

She laughed some more. "She's in her room. Get your butt outta my house in five minutes. Cool?"

"Yes Ma'am."

"Ha! Ma'am" She scoffed heading to the kitchen.

I went up to her room.

She was sitting on her balcony murmuring something. 

There were tear marks on her cheeks that glistened in the starlight.

Had I made her cry?!

I crept into her room.

"Hey." I said. Wow. That was definitely the most innovative conversation starter.

She turned around.

She put her hand on her chest trying to slow down her breathing.

"Oh My Goodness. Don't sneak up on me like that!"

"I'm sorry. Well not for sneaking up on you but for walking out on you. And for sneaking up on you as well actually." I was blabbering now.

She focused her attention back on the moon.

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