Chapter 4 - The Traitor From UA

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Bakugou's POV:

"Bakubro!" I heard Shitty-hair call as I raised my head from my desk and glared at him with tired eyes, "Hey... You look awful, I know what happened is scary and it affects all of us, but you need to take a break... Come with me and the others to the mall!" Shitty-hair said as he pointed over his shoulder with his thumb to reveal Raccoon eyes, Tape dispenser, and Dunceface smiled from Raccoon eyes' desk. 

"Fuck off Shitty-hair, I have more important things to do." I said and sat up straight in my chair, beginning to pack away my stuff. I need to go look for Deku... He's been gone for almost a week now and I haven't been able to find a single trace of him. 

"Come on Bakugou! The Pros are doing everything they can and besides, you need to rest for a bit, get your mind off things for a while!" Dunceface said as he walked up beside Shitty-hair and swung his arm around his shoulder. 

"Bakugou," we all turned our attention to the front of the classroom as Aizawa had called my name, "go with them." he ordered as I raised an annoyed eyebrow at him. Who the hell does he think he is?! My dad or something!? 

"You can't order me around!" I barked at Aizawa who just gave me a warning glare making Shitty-hair and Dunceface takes a step back.

"Do I need to repeat myself?" Aizawa said as Shitty-hair then jumped in between us, waving his hands around in apologies.

"No no sir! He's just being grumpy as usual, he'll come along!" Shitty-hair said as the bell the rung loudly and we were all dismissed. Shitty-hair then turned and pulled me up from my chair as I was then forcefully pulled along. 

"LET GO OF ME YOU FUCKING EXTRAS! I'LL KILL YOU!!" I shouted as small explosions emitted from my hands as a warning, but none of them was faced about it. 

"Yeah yeah, kill us afterwards." Dunceface said as all four of them laughed.

~ Small time skip ~ 

We had been walking around in this stupid mall for what seemed like forever as I was pulled into one stupid shop after another. 

"Hey, Bakubro! What'd you think of this one?!" Shitty-hair asked as he held a t-shirt up in front of him, asking for my opinion. I looked at the shirt and then at the grin on his face as I sighed, I'm not in the mood for this crap...

"It's just as useless and ugly as everything else you damn extras have shown me all day. CAN I GO NOW!?" I barked as I turned around just to see Dunceface with another shirt, wanting my opinion as well. WHY IS MY FUCKING OPINION SO FUCKING IMPORTANT ALL OF A SUDDEN. 

I looked at the shirt, it was an emerald green T-shirt, it has the same color as Deku's eyes... I thought as my glare softened a bit as all four of them went quiet and looked at me. 

"It looks good..." I said and turned again, beginning to walk away as they all exchanged glances and then quickly followed me. I can't wait to find the little fucker and beat him to a pulp for making me feel these stupid things and think these stupid fucking thoughts! I thought as all of our attention were then turned to a nearby widescreen in the mall as many had stopped to watch. 

"What's going on over there?" Raccoon Eyes asked and pointed at the crowd as the other just shrugged and looked curiously in the direction of the widescreen.

"Won't find out by standing here like complete and utter idiots!" I growled irritated, but I was also curious about it. We walked over and pushed our way through the crowd until I was satisfied with our spot.

"So what you're basically telling me is that a UA student is now a villain who runs around and kills innocent civilians?" One of the reporters said as all of us looked up at the screen with wide eyes. A UA Student? No way-- Who the fuck would be dumb enough to do that? UA has all the information needed to bring down anyone who dares to betray them, so that would be the worst fucking decision to make. 

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