chapter 1

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Mum I yell as I stomp into the luxurious parlour my brother rehan was sitting on one of the cushion i sit next to him and greeted him he give me his now bored smile in return.

little ya makarantar(how was school).

well same old boring story but Alhamdulilah thanks goodness am done with all this secondary school shit.
he smile well then best of luck to u he kiss my forehead.
I run to my room upstairs to have some rest.
Lying on my bed I took my phone and start what am best at (chatting).

I don't know how long I have been sleeping but I was awoken by the sound of my phone i answer it and place it on my ear to hear who is the asshole interrupting my sleep.

Wait hold on simmy I can't believe what the fuck u re telling me this is bullshit I need time to mull in this into my brain this is not what bestfriends do..
.I cant believe what she did lemme get this straight simmy has been my bestfriend since our diapers day but she has been dating my brother for 2 months and was hiding it from me now he gets into her pants and quit she is wallowing in self pity.I won't blame her either she has an unrequited crush on my brother since childhood I don't know what on earth she sees in him.

he is a grade 1 egocentric,cocky and wanker despite been my brother he don't keep his dick away from my friends but him doing this to simrah it's something I can't tolerate i need a cold shower.

Spending almost half an hour in the bathroom i move to my own narnia(wardrobe) to find an outfit for the day,after praying my asr prayer my stomach grumble reminding me I haven't eat anything since breakfast rushing out of my room the thought of eating alone makes me have a big smile on my face alright yes am a foodie I love two things my bed and my food you should never do anything that will make me loose this two if u don't want to see my bitchy site.

After 25 minutes of eating,eating and drinking i move to my mum's tailoring studio to see her.
she was soo busy to notice my presence so I quietly sneak to her back but was taken aback when she drag my ears I scream and we both start laughing.
how on earth do you see me I thought you don't even notice me she smile.

well guess I have magic.

I sit on the resting sofa ehmm mylady when will my clothe be ready the wedding is fast approaching simmy has been going all crazy about it.

well in the next two days i will be done insha Allah,I'm soo busy at office this days and this wedding Mami has been calling me I will have to squeeze time to go and see her today and the bride I haven't seen her tun ranar da aka kawo kayan.

I will love to follow you i really want to see simrah maybe I will move there and spend the rest of the month after all this wedding is over then I will come back..

My mum eyed me noo i will really need u here u can go there everyday but the idea of you moving in there there is no way i will allow that to happen u know how busy and stress things will be here and u want to leave me with this your now boring brother alone that's the last thing i ever wished to happened to me we both laugh.
my mum sit next to me.
Nimmy are u sure rehan will be ok am scared he shouldn't commit suicide one day it's been 5years since inteesar passed away but he don't want to move on am really worried he just build some walls and don't want to allow anybody in am scared.

i held her two hands Mumm everything will be fine he just need some time since he said he doesn't need a therapy let's just keep praying am also worried I missed him soo much my old sweet broo that everyone admire but he is just the opposite now rude,cocky and worst of all a man mum sshhh me by placing her hands to cover my mouth.

You should not say such things about your brother i nod my head am sure one day he will find a girl that will put a smile on his face again.

Well I hope it will happen soo quick am soo bored and lonely i missed the old him i stand up and straighten my body mum lemme leave you to continue your work she smile and pull me into a hug.

alright get ready by 6 let's go to Mami's house I nod and left the studio.

Well guess will go and meet big broo.
opening the flat door the parlour is empty so i went straight to the room I open it he was lying on his king size bed he don't notice my presence i sit on the bed he roll and make pillow with my laps.

After almost 2 hours of silence he finally speak little am i a bad person or did I offend ya rabbi in anyway why did all this happened to me he took inteesar and took my baby he don't even leave one of them for me as a memory.I missed her with my every breath she is the best thing that has happened to me anytime I try to look at other girls like her it felt useless it's always her he started sobbing I don't stop him.
After what felt like forever he stop crying and sit I look at him, sweet bro there are things that happened to us to make us strong. u know Allah give his difficult task to his strongest soldiers so you should never question him and try to atleast give chance to someone maybe we can have our old rehan back he smile and kiss my forehead I missed you its like ages since we talked like this I nod yeah ages I miss u to,
Well soo what's with you and simm you know you should not take advantage of her love for you its very unfair.

He roll his eyes you know am sorry I never knew it was her first time i should have been slow and tender not hard and rough....
ewww that's gross stop talking about your sex life with me we both laugh
But sweet broo u should please try and stop all this simmy is a decent nice girl she made a mistake and it's all because its you....he cut me by saying alright it's enough with the preaching mistress I stand up and look at him you really should give someone a chance i really can't wait any longer need someone to call me aunty I wink at him and left..

Entering my room I have just 10 minutes to get ready my mum always stick to her time when she say something I pick my veil and rush downstairs just in time as she start shouting my name..

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