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Pen Your Pride

Hey guyzz!!!!! I was suppose to do this chapter like last night but i didn't finish this chapter in my notebook soooo here is!!!! This is dedicated to my corahn lover bestie @Corahn_Lover143 thanks girrrlll!!!! but anyways i need comments so can you guys give me feed back on this chapter it would be very much appreciated :) !!!! But anyways don't forget to Fan, comment and rate Thanks and enjoy :D !!!


Lexi Gain P.O.V.

  1 week later....

"Lexi since your with your homework for tonight and the class work can you do an errand for me"? Mrs. Smyth asked from her desk. 

Mrs. Smyth is 5'1", Pale white skin, Chrystal blue eyes and Irish red hair. She has a few wrinkles but she doesn't look a day older than 53. Her voice is very loud and she is very energetic. I admit i am a teachers pet.. but that's because i get things done. 

"Yes Mrs. Smyth what can i do for you"? i answered looking up from the paper i was drawing on.

She skipped from her big teachers desk to my small student desk.

"i wont you to get a package from my husband Mr. Smyth".

"ok"!i said standing up from my desk and pulling down my shirt. i had on this (

"now the code word is cookie".

"Cookie..." i said confused.

"Cookie, Now hurry up child!"

"ok!" i said walking out the class room and towards the stairs. I knew Corahn had this class so i thought i would kind of surprise him and maybe get a morning kiss. Me and corahn have been working out our relationship.... but there's some news that i need to tell him before someone else does. Anyways as for Vinny and Ali they claim they are just "friends with benefits"but little did they know, i know what they do when they so called "GO STUDY". As i reached the last step of the school stairs. i walked down the long hallway to see Ant standing in front of Mr. Smyths door. 

"Ant what did you do this time?"

"I lit a small fire cracker in the back of the class room." he replied smiling. I know he's like me best guy friend but he has the most beautifulest smile i have ever seen.. a side from Langs and Corahns.


"i damn sure ain't going back to the office, i just get sent to the office yesterday!"

"ANT! You seriously need to get your priorities straight!"

"You sound like my mom!"

"well then its time to do so!"

"I'm just haven fun thoe!"

"So what, boy do u even care that yo ass is on the verge of being suspended!"

"they ain't gone suspended me, They love me!"

I began to laugh hard! So my dimples sank in and my face turned red.

"Can i touch you dimples?"Ant asked.

"NO, can i touch yours?"

"Yeah sure"!

He began smiling and began to feel on his face. 

"OOH LEXI, YOU KNOW YOU GOT A MAN!" Ali said walking down the hallway.

"Girl i was just feeling his dimples!" i said.

"Girl you know i was just playing!"

"i know, why is you down here?"

"Mrs. smyth told me to come down here and tell you to hurry your black ass up!"

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