[1] Dreams

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"Kenma!" Hinata exclaimed. "Did you see the new game XXX Company released?"

"Yeah, I got it yesterday and finished it. Not too bad," Kenma quietly replied. "Hey Shoyo, where's the rest of you?"

"Huh? The rest of me? What are you talking about?" Hinata asked, confused.

"Well I mean, your body. Where's the rest of your body. You're just a floating head."

"I'm a what? Hahaha Kenma, I think you need more sleep, I can't just be a floating - "

Hinata was now facing his reflection against the bus doors. Looking back at him was a floating green blob with orange hair. Next to him was Kenma's - full-bodied and looking sleepy, yawning promptly. Hinata looked at Kenma's reflection, then his. Kenma's, then his. He didn't get it. Was that blob supposed to be him? How was he even a blob? Did Kageyama do something to him when he was sleeping? That's right, where was Kageyama? Where was everybody for that matter? Forgetting for a second that he was reduced to a green blob, he turned to ask the real Kenma, who was already approaching him, too close too fast.

"Kenma what are you-"

"Sorry Shoyo, I'm hungry so I'm going to eat you now, okay?"

"NOOOOO!!!" Hinata shouted, abruptly getting up from his seat. Kageyama, who was next to him, also jolted in his sleep yelling "strawberry milk please!" in the process. Silence enveloped the bus for a few minutes before erupting into laughter.

"What the hell, Hinata! What are you doing waking people up for??" Kageyama shouted, readying to smack Hinata on the head.

"H-Hold up, Kageyama. You're the one ordering some strawberry milk out loud in your sleep!" Hinata retorted, covering his head with his bag.

"You two, calm down," Daichi interrupted. "I don't know if it's a freak duo thing or what, but you just woke up in time. We're ten minutes away and Kuroo just called saying to not go to Nekoma High yet. They wanted to give us a proper Tokyo tour this time so we're heading to Ueno Park first."

"Tokyo food!" Tanaka said, getting up from his seat.

"Tokyo uniforms!" Noya shouted.

"Tokyo girls!" Both exclaimed at the same time.

"Tanaka, Noya, sit down. We're only going out until it's time for practice. Fukurodani is at another practice game right now so we're waiting on them. It's probably going to be crowded since it's Saturday, so make sure you stick to the group and don't get lost. Hinata, Kageyama, did you hear that?"

"H-Hai!" Hinata and Kageyama answered. Laughter ensued once again as Takeda-sensei pulled up to park the bus.

"I'm going to meet with Nekomata-sensei first to talk about the training so you guys can leave your stuff on the bus. Just bring what you need for now, and I'll come back to pick you up in four hours," Takeda instructed.

"Oooohh, you're the best Takeda-sensei!" Noya praised.

"It's really nothing. I'm glad you guys can have fun, even for a little bit before practice. Just don't give the seniors too much headache." He watched as each student got off the bus, Daichi being last.

"Thank you again, sensei. We'll be here by pick-up time." Daichi bowed and watched the bus leave, Takeda giving the group a final wave. The Karasuno team captain turned around and saw how rowdy the four idiots were already becoming. "Dammit, you four, calm down! You're bothe-"


"-Hello? Kuroo? Yeah we're here already. Yeah, he just left, he said he'll be back in four hours. We're by the entrance, by the parking lot. Okay, we'll wait for you guys, then. Bye. Listen up! Nekoma team are on their way now, they'll meet us right here so don't go anywhere. Hinata, what's wrong?"

"Sorry, Daichi-senpai, but I really need to pee," Hinata squirmed.

"Oh, then, go with Kageyama and look for a bathroom. We'll call you guys once Kuroo and them are here."

"Okay, thank you! Let's go, Kageyama!"

"Damn it, Hinata, why do I have to go with you?" Kageyama complained, who was in the middle of throwing away a candy wrapper.

"Stop complaining, let's just go!"

Ueno Park was especially busy that day. There were crowds of people wherever you looked - parents trying to take pictures of their children, couples holding hands, students hanging out, company workers out for their lunch. It was because of this crowd that Hinata and Kageyama had a hard time finding a bathroom. The ones they found near the entrance were either closed for cleaning, or had really long lines. After all, it was November - the weather had definitely gotten colder. Hinata continued searching until he found a promising one - no visible line and he just saw an employee come out with a cart full of cleaning supplies.

"Kageyama, over there!" Hinata was running towards the bathroom when he accidentally ran into a tall guy wearing dark gray suit and pink tie. The man had short, light brown hair. Hinata glanced up at his face for a second, bowed, then started running again. "Sorry, Sir!"

"Hinata boke! Watch where you're going!" Kageyama yelled, bowing more respectfully towards the man.

The man, who was on the phone, only raised his left hand to let them know it was fine. As he approached the bathroom, Hinata turned to look at the man again, focusing on his tie. So cool, he thought. He had never seen anyone wear a pink tie before. Then again, he was always at the gym so that made sense.

"Kageyama, he was almost as tall as you, did you notice?"

"Not really, I was busy apologizing for you!"

"S-sorry, but look, we're here now. Do you have to go, too?"

"No. I'm going to wash my hands, though."

"Ew, you picked your nose didn't you?"

"Shut up! The candy melted in my pocket and my hands still feel sticky," Kageyama barked. "Hurry up and go already!"

"Okay, okay, I'm going!" Hinata replied, heading to one of the urinals.

As Kageyama was drying his hands, Hinata walked up to the sink to wash his. He looked up and noticed a big scribble on the wall, to the right of the mirror. EAT SH*T, HEROES! Hinata raised his eyebrows, surprised at how vulgar the vandal was. He was surprised the employee didn't clean it up. He searched for more writings on the wall, but only saw a tiny scribble on top of the mirror. He tiptoed to get a better look and read, Whoever is reading this sucks! SUCKER! HAHAHA!!! Hinata frowned and settled his feet to the ground, forcing him to look at himself in the mirror. He tilted his head to the right, furrowing his eyebrows.

"Kageyama, have you ever seen a green blob?"

"What are you talking about?" Kageyama headed towards the door.

"You know, a floating green blob head thing," Hinata said as he was drying his hands.

"A what thing??" Kageyama questioned, looking back to give Hinata a confused look. "Did you hit your head while peeing or something?"

"N-No! I'm seriously asking! I had a dream on the bus that I was just a floating green blob of a head, then Kenma tried to eat me!" Hinata explained.

"A green blob, huh," Kageyama pondered. "Like a green volley-"


"Oh, Daichi-san just texted me. Nekoma is there already, we gotta go," said Kageyama, leaving the bathroom. "Come on, stupid!"

"Ugh, I'm coming! You're always rushing me!" Hinata complained, throwing away the paper towel into the trash can by the sink. Hurriedly running out, he almost bumped into the person coming in.

"Ahh! I'm so sorry! I didn't see you!" the person frantically apologized, bowing multiple times.

"Oh no, I was the one rushing out!" Hinata bowed back, noticing the shoes the person in front of him was wearing. "I like your red -"

"Hinata, hurry up!!" Kageyama ordered from outside.

"Ah! I have to go! I'm so sorry again!" Hinata gave another quick bow and ran to the door, finally leaving the bathroom. "Have a good day, sir!"

"S-Sir...?" the person mumbled. It was Izuku Midoriya, Hero name: Deku.

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