Part 11 - Handcuffs

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Calum's pov,

I don't know she has those tattoo on her thigh? For sure I can see it,she was wearing satin short pants.

She looked hot. Then, I felt someone elbowed me. I looked at my side. Ashton.

He asked me to do the makeup on her. I did it anyway.

I chuckled when I put my artworks on her. So pretty but ugly. I don't know what I mean. But,Natashya suddenly moved a little.

I froze. Few seconds later,she back to her dream. I continued to put my artworks.

This is what you got Natashya. I smirked.

When I want to do the last artwork,suddenly Natashya awake and she's looking at me.

I bit my lower lip. Shit.

"What the fuck are you doing?" She knitted her eyebrows.

"RUN!!" Ashton yelled and made me awake from my daydream.

I walked a step forward but it's too late, Natashya catched my wrist. I looked at my fucking bandmates,they already ran out from the room.

"ASHTON!!" I shouted. He don't even turn back.

"They're not gonna help you" Natashya looked at me with her death glare. I'm weak.

I pulled my hand from her grabbed but Natashya faster than me, she wrapped her legs on my waist and flipped me over the bed.

She's sitting on my stomach and took something on her bed side. Handcuffs.

"Noooo nooo what the fuck" I shook my head.

She smirked and cuffed me on the bed. I can't even fight her. Oh God.

"How the hell you guys can get in here?" She looked down at me.

"Ashton did" I answered. "I thought you are over this,Calum?" She raised her eyebrows.

"Of course I'm over it. But,Ashton said this gonna be the last. Please let me go" I whined.

"No way. I saw you right infront of me and you're the closer one. So,I choose you" Natashya took the makeup set that the boys threw beside the bed.

"I'm gonna turn you to be Cally" she chuckled. I froze when I saw that. It looked like the slow motion. Like in a movie.


When I felt the white liquid on my face,I awake again. "What the fuck you put on my face?"

"It's foundation, sucker" she rubbed it on my face. "I don't like the smell of it" I pretend to throw up.

"Oh shut up" she took a small brush and brushed my thick eyebrows.

Then,she drew something on it even between my eyebrows. I don't know what I look a like now.

I looked away and she groaned. Then,she held my chin and put the red lipstick on my lip.

"Yukkkss" I mumbled.

"Shhhh" she smiled. "You look much prettier,Cally" she laughed.

"I hate you!" I yelled. "Oh,Cally I hate you too" Natashya took her phone and took some pictures of me. With that make up.

"Satisfied now?" I rolled my eyes. "Yep" she popped the 'p'.

"Let me go now and get off your ass from me" I looked away. She's too sexy with the satin pyjamas. I can't handle it.

"Pfftt I wanna do now" Natashya smirked and got off from me. I breath of relief.

"I can feel you,dude" she smirked. "I thought you're gay but why you turn on with me?"

Natashya walked to the door.

"Where are you going?" I ignored her question. She's right.

"To your room" she smiled.

"I'm gonna sleep there and you are here. Goodnight Cally" she waved at me.

"This handcuffs?" I pulled my hands from it but I can't.

"Wait until tomorrow. See yaa" she walked out from the room and leave me there with my hands tight on the bed.

How can I sleep,fucker. Ashton's fault.

Woooooo Lie To Me Remix ft Julia Michaels? I love it. Sooooo are we gonna get the music video too?

Ashton promised to release the mv after LTM becomes a single.

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