Chapter 80: Su Jian Kind Of Missed An Yize All Of A Sudden

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As the days passed, Su Jian slowly got used to living in the village.

The children here weren’t as lively as his students before and were much more simple, but they were just as cute. Although Su Jian initially felt unfamiliar with them, they quickly got close.

In this small place, there wasn’t much entertainment. There wasn’t any TV either in the dorm room. Su Jian had brought his own laptop, but there was no internet and he couldn’t possibly go to the internet cafe and sit with the students. Therefore, he could only use his phone to surf the net.

When An Yize called, he heard Su Jian lamenting that his data was being used up too quickly. He said, “No worries, I will top up your mobile.”

Su Jian smiled brightly immediately and said, “Hubby, you’re the best!”

An Yize laughed lightly.

After rambling on for quite a while, Su Jian hung up and realized that they have been chatting for almost an hour.

Since when did An Yize and I have so much to talk about? Su Jian felt puzzled and also pained. This is International Direct Dialing!

However, once he checked his phone balance, he didn’t feel pained anymore—An Yize had added ten thousand(around 1458 USD) to his mobile!

The simple and crude actions of a rich person! Su Jian silently cursed from on top of his bed, giggling while hugging his phone.

When Su Jian slept at night, he always felt a little cold.

Looks like the temperature has really dropped.

Su Jian got up and checked the windows again. After checking that they were all tightly closed, he climbed back into his blankets.

Covering himself completely with the blanket, Su Jian kind of missed An Yize all of a sudden. No matter what, An Yize was very much qualified to be a human heater…

Speaking of the devil, a phone call arrived.

Su Jian curled up in the blankets and answered the call with his head in the blankets. In this small dark world, it seemed like only An Yize’s voice was left.

“Jian Jian, what did you eat today?”

“This question again? Can you ask something else?”

“Then, how are you sleeping?”

“Yize, don’t be angry with what I’m about to say!”

“Mhm, go on.”

“I finally understood why Ji Yan rejected you back then.”


“Okay, I will ask you this time. How are your meals?”

“Very good.”

“Then, how’s your sleep?”

“Very good.”


Hearing the soft laughter over the phone, Su Jian smiled as well. “Why are you laughing?”

An Yize’s voice was amplified in this small space, and it seemed as if he was talking right into Su Jian’s ear. “Because I’m happy.”

Su Jian didn’t ask why he was happy because he roughly knew why. Therefore, his lips drew into a smile unconsciously. However, what came out from his mouth was: “But I’m not happy.”

An Yize’s voice was very gentle. “Why?”

Su Jian sighed, “It’s a little cold.”

An Yize was silent for a moment. Then, he said, “Let’s buy a blanket tomorrow.”

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