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"So, you miss me?"

Once again Keira shot up from her bed to see Darkness in the same position she last saw him in. But this time he was staring at the mirror in front of her room with a grim look instead of... well what he usually did. She wasn't that surprised that he came to stalk her again, more like irritated that she couldn't throw him out of her window.

"Look Dark-" She was cut off as he took the rune she had with her from her dressing table and started examining it. Oh hell...she forgot that she set it up like a pendant and now it was hanging from Darkness's hand.

So she stumbled into the floor in a hurry to snatch it away and she almost succeeded if she hadn't become speechless because he gave it away willingly.

Huh? Her brow furrowed.

Did he just give her back her thing-

A daring grin replaced the grim look he held. "Oh little soul, I don't want to take your toys away. And for your information, I don't play with toys...not the one I like anyway."

Again he was being cryptic. It's like he didn't know how to talk if there were no other meaning behind his every word. She so wanted to wipe that smirk from his mouth. Why he always had to be so full of himself? She was going to curse him to heaven and hell but she stopped once an idea came to her mind.

"You're right." She stopped to gauze his reaction. As assumed he trailed his eyes to the side looking her over in a curious manner, she realized that he was intrigued. So she continued, "Playing with my toys has taught me a few things. One being...a way to get rid of you...For good!"

They both stared at each other for a second. 

She was hoping to see the anger in his eyes come back. But he totally surprised her when he threw his head back and started to chuckle. His rich laugh filled her room making her gulp. She was confused and terrified of what's wrong with him for a second before a thought came into her mind, making her grin.

Did Darkness finally lose his marbles?

"That's so cute. You think you can actually kill me." He said clicking his tongue in a task sound like it's the dumbest thing he had ever heard.

"Why not?" She asked genuinely curious. Did he really think that she was incapable of killing someone? He didn't say something, instead, he took a step closer to her making her feel intimidated.

"I've got two choices, baby. Either I marry you or kill your pretty little soul. So which one is that gonna be?" He smirked already knowing her answer.

"Then I'll gladly drive a dagger through my heart."

He raised an eyebrow. "Really? Oh come on, I was just joking! And as for you killing me, if you do kill me-" His gaze turned hard like he was insulted by the idea and shook his head. "-by any Godsend miracle, you will be dead too. Killing a Darkness takes a lot more than just some petty spells, little soul. Now that's a thing to worry about, isn't it?"

Her face dropped immediately. Did nobody had time to sit back and explain what will happen if the clan failed? Did anybody even think that they could fail to take Darkness's power? The realization that she was hit with almost had her bolt.

The Red clan never thought that Darkness could arise. They were so overconfident with their work that they didn't even acknowledge that it could be a possibility in the future. And that left her with only one option.

Darkness himself.

Only he knew how this whole thing...mess she was in could be avoidable. But then again he didn't tell her directly what she needed to know. He only told her how much he wanted her to know. And by far, he has only asked for renewing the vows and finish the marriage. And saving her again? What was all that about?

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