Chapter 9: Entitled To Our Own Secrets

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'You sure are harbouring a whole lot of secrets there, Ryn,' Kiley mused, as she settled the cup of tea on the table in front of the girl.

After discovering that she had nowhere in the city to go, no family to stay with, Miss Rose had been over obliging, offering her the spare room in her small apartment in the centre of the city.

Ryn had practically been given no choice but to accept.

It was quaint, with an abundance of pot plants stationed around the floor and on the benches and tables.

'Sorry about the greenery,' Kiley had said, when Ryn had nearly tripped over a budding Happy Plant. 'The landlord won't allow pets, but there weren't any limits on the plants. I find they make for much better company than most people. And with my ability... well, I'm sure you can guess.'

At that, she had stroked the little plant, and it seemed to straighten, as though leaning in to her caress.

Ryn had smiled.

'So I'm assuming the wings are the reason for the holes in your shirt? To be quite fair, it's clever actually. With the recent trend in ripped clothing I suppose that makes it easier for you.'

She didn't know quite what to say. She'd never been overly interested in fashion differences throughout the ages, but ripped clothing? How in the name of reason had that become a trend?

The past really was a strange place...

'Well,' she finally admitted. 'It doesn't hurt that they're invisible, either.'

'I was wondering about that, actually...'

'I think they're made from something resembling glass, only... much stronger.' Bulletproof to be exact, or so she had discovered. 'And, though I don't see it as being necessary to mention, they're completely transparent.'

'Glass wings,' the woman mused. 'Now there's a contradiction and a half. Can you fly?'

Ryn nodded with an exasperated smile, as she recounted the short, choppy attempts at flight.

'Not well, but... I'm getting better.'

'And you were born with these?'

'No, they....' She paused. Ryn didn't want to reveal about her trip through time. Every book she'd read, and show she'd watched about time travel had warned of the dangers of revealing facts about the future to the people of the past. She thought it was safer, for everyone, if she kept this to herself. At least until she got a better grip over what exactly was going on. 'They're more of a recent development, actually.'

They fell into silence, the only sounds being each girl sipping their tea.

Then Kiley asked the question she had been hoping not to hear.

'So.... where did you come from, Ryn?'

Though it was an innocent enough question, there were layers of curiosity buried below.

Aderyn could only shake her head.

'I... I grew up in The Lights,' she admitted. At least that was honest. But she couldn't let the whole truth flow out into the open. She didn't know what consequences such an action whole uphold for her future. 'But I've been.... on the move a lot recently.'

'And this girl you were looking for? She.... Doesn't exist?'

She sighed. 'You see. My full name is Aderyn Castelle.'

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