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Since Peter insisted on buying milkshakes and fries we decided to go study to the Corner Café. Well, it was more of my suggestion since it was usually empty at this hour. I didn't want us running into anyone from school.

"Who's your friend?" Joan, the waitress, asks curiously as she brings us the menu, shortly after he picked the table by the window.

"Peter," he says with his signature charming smile.

Joan nods, smiling, "What would you guys like?" she asks, "would you like the usual?"

Peter looks at me, motioning me to go first, "No, thank you, I- just a strawberry milkshake, please," I blurt out.

"I will get a chocolate one and fries for me and Tessa," he says, handing Joan our menus.

"I'll bring those out right now," Joan replies, as she walks away but not before sending me a wink.

I lightly shake my head to clear it. What is up with everyone and Peter today. They're seriously stressing me out.

"So I assume you come here often?" Peter says as he begins taking out his book and notes on the table.

I pull out my laptop, from my bag, "Yep, Shall we begin studying?"

He nods a little surprised by my urgent mood, but honestly the less time I spend with him the better. I don't need Gen coming after me.

Peter and I study for a good two hours, we review chapter one and two with no problem, and chapter three is the one one he's struggling with the most.

Since it's been a little hard for him to grasp some concepts, he's already gone through two milkshakes and two baskets of fries.

"Peter, just balance the equation first," I say, pointing at his notes.

He makes a face, "It's so easy for you to say! You're a walking encyclopedia!"

I sigh, "Stop saying that. I'm really not. I just read a lot, study and practice. No one is stupid, okay? I believe everyone is smart, you just have to work a little harder than others."

Peter rests his forehead on his notes in frustration, "Tessie, I can't get dropped from the class."

I had never seen Peter this preoccupied with something. He's always radiating energy and confidence everywhere he goes. His smile is always contagious that you can't even help but smile too.

I'm glad he's more preoccupied by the class than his breakup with Genevieve. I was expecting him to not be able to focus or something.

I stand up, and take the seat next to him. He straightens up and stares at me in surprise.

"I'm here helping you, aren't I? I'm not going to let you fail," I say, I grab his notes and begin balancing the equation so that I could explain. I can feel him staring at me. "What, Peter?"

He shakes his head, "Nothing, it's just you're being too nice."

"Do you really think I'm a bitch?" I ask looking at him.

"No, you've always been really sweet," he admits, "but after I took Gen's side in middle school, I don't deserve you being nice to me."

I feel my entire body tense up. Was I expecting that answer? Not at all. The last thing I was expecting was from Peter was to admit that he made a complete douche move in middle school.

I sigh, "Peter, that was years ago, okay? I forgave you a long time ago," I say, looking at him straight in the eye. He seems surprised, but then he gives me a small smile, "So let's balance this equation, yeah?" I blurt out, trying to break the awkward moment we just had.

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