[Chapter Ten]

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"This love will set you free,

From thoughts of yesterday,

Now death has come to claim,

Your beautiful remains."

-"Beautiful Remains"


I closed my eyes the moment I felt the air in the room change drastically, the coldness seeping through my skin and bones.

Luc had quickly shoved me out of the way the moment Adrik made the first move, challenging Luc to a fight. Finding my place against the farthest wall, I dared to not see their feet show how well they were fighting each other. Especially if Adrik was advancing on Luc.

I could not bare to see two men I had grown accustomed to, Luc more than Adrik, fight each other in such a vicious and livid way. My ears were picking up every noise: grunts, hisses and tearings of skin. Gripping the wall and keeping my head down I began to occupy my own thoughts, knowing even if I tried to get involved and help Luc out I would merely get myself killed in between them. I was of no use, with my mere mortal strength and non-immortality.

You are also now living and breathing for two, my subconscious whispered.

 A cold breeze began to blow onto my sweating back and before I could gasp, a pair of arms violently grabbed me, in the process making me open my wide eyes to my attacker. It was then that I noticed how unfair the fight had become.

Luc was going against not only Adrik, but his most trusted guard -- one being the man who captured me in his arms now.


Adrik knew he would be no match for Luc, as his intellegence gained him points in beating his opponents. The fight between them would have bruised the poor prince's pride, leaving him no choice but to call in reinforcements.

I glared at the man whom was dragging me across the floor, much to my disappointment. Daring to take one more glance, I saw Luc being held back by three guards, while he struggled profusely to get them away. There was not much damage done, minor scratches, but I knew they would heal after he rested. Looking towards Adrik, who had his arms crossed over his chest, I also realised that he had no damage at all.

In an instant, he was in front of me though, looking at me like I was filth. "I gave you a chance at a new life, Nadia." His words cut through me like a knife, poisoning my wounds afterward from his tone. "And you repay me by sleeping with another man and letting him claim you as his own? How dare you?" He roared, winding his arm behind him to backslap me, but before he could get even an inch of momentum, Luc spoke up.

"If you touch her I will kill you!" His struggles had increased, making him look like he was being electrocuted. His body was trying every maneuver to get out of the hold he was in, but it was only tiring him out further.

Adrik did not even spare his past close friend a glance in his direction, "A slut deserves what she gets." And before Luc could process it through his mind, my neck cracked from the backlash and force of Adrik's hand sliding across my cheek. My world had tumbled and spun out of control for a moment before I regained my balance and grasp on reality.

"You bastard!" Luc roared, hissing at the end. He twisted his body around somehow and being able to momentarily phase his guards, he took them out quickly. The shock that was plastered onto Adrik's face left me with a small ounce of satisfaction, but that was quickly depleating once Adrik changed tactics.

Giving my guard a pointed look, Adrik swiftly went after Luc while I was held at knifepoint. The cold blade was held by a firm pressure, making me stand rigid. Luc noticed quickly too and stopped, all bravery gone.

Loving the position of power, Adrik grinned, "Exactly, Luc, act like the powerless coward you are."

But Luc did not care, he only locked eyes with me.

"Not willing to talk? What is the matter, guard got your lover?" Laughing at his own joke, Adrik glanced away for a moment and that was his biggest mistake, along with mine.

Luc pounced towards my guard, who did the only thing he thought he could at a moment's thought, he pressed the knife into my neck in a lapse of panic.

The pain was strikingly searing and unbearable for such a short slice, it was almost as painful as a fang piercing your skin; but it did not come with a blissful aftertaste. I knew it was not too deep where I thought I knew I was done-for, but it definitely caused some pain and blood.

As Luc came in contact near me, he froze, smelling the iron and salty aroma. Things had started to play out in slow motion from then on.

The smell hit Adrik like a ton of bricks and reacting like his nature, he was ready to attack his prey.

My guard was practically helpless, lying dead on the floor after Luc took care of him for the mistake in harming me. Now Luc stood in front of me, a protective stance.

Soon enough, Luc was holding down a struggling Adrik, dodging punches here and there. But I must have done something that distracted Luc, because Adrik was able to get away.

"No! She is pregnant!" Luc shouted, willing himself to get up before Adrik got closer. But Adrik never did. He stopped at those words, looking at me.

"Pregnant?" He mumbled, with a blank emotionless face. "Is it mine?"

"Yes!" Luc said exasperated. My heart was telling me to argue, explain that this child I was carrying belonged to Luc, but my mind knew better. It knew that if I ever wanted to make it out alive with Luc, I had to hold my tongue.

More guards had graced us with their presence, showing the true nature of how fast the royal guards would come to someone's rescuse. They headed to Luc, grabbing him but being smart enough, they restrained him with metal cuffs and placed his arms in an uncomfortable position.

"Sir?" One of the guards said, "What do you want us to do with him?"

Adrik was still looking at me, expressionless as ever. "Take him far away, he is to never be permitted in this manor or near it ever again. And if he is to break these rules he shall be executed."

I sobbed, feeling the tears pour out, "No, please!"

Luc only looked at me, a deep emotion behind those beautiful blue eyes. Mouthing an, "I love you," he was taken away from my sight.

Everything was wrong, this was not how it was supposed to be. Luc was supposed to come back for me and take me and our beautiful child away, to somewhere we could call our home.

"You are pregnant," Adrik whispered, coming closer to me, placing his hand on my cheek. It felt wrong, it was not the hand I wanted nor the touch I craved. "I am so sorry I hurt you, Nadia." He pulled me into a hug and all my brain could do was compare. This was not the person I wanted comfort from, nor the person I wanted to be near anymore.

He was not my Luc.

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