Chapter 1 : Serena! The adventure begins. . . at midnight!

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1 ~ Serena! The adventure begins. . . at midnight!

"How many times have I worn this?" grumbled the 15 year old. She stood in front of her tall mirror, holding a black and red, high waisted dress in front of her whilst posing. She quickly suppressed a yawn before she heard a loud noise from downstairs.

"Serena!" her mother cried from downstairs. "You'll be late!"

Late for what? she thought, crankily.

She pouted and flung the dress in her closet. "Coming!" she yelled back.

She sprinted down the stairs at a fast pace. The girl met the soft, wood floor with a heavy thud. At the bottom of the steps, her mother stood with a cranky look on her face.

"Morning, Serena, or should I say 'Night'?" her mother, Grace, grumbled. "You sure slept well. . . All rested up from the move?" Her daughter yawned and scratched her head. "Serena!" The girl jumped. "You look like you just rolled out of bed!" Serena nodded. "Go and have a look at yourself in the mirror, and change out of your pajamas. You've slept all day."

"Mama. . ." she mumbled sleepily. "You're too loud." Her mother took out the spatula she always carried and smacked the girl on her head, lightly. Flinching, Serena stumbled up the stairs and into her room.

She sat on her bed and reached for her comb. Once the heavy knots were out, she tied her giant mass of black hair close to the base, and patted her bangs down until they stopped flying. Grabbing the dress she had modeled earlier, the girl switched her pajamas out for it. Once she had located her red felt hat, black over the knee socks, black high tops, red tote bag, and white sunglasses, the young girl made her ways downstairs with slightly higher blood pressure. Slightly.

"Come on, sweetie, why don't you step out and say hello to the neighbors? I'm more than sure that some are up at this crazy hour," she said while smacking her spatula threateningly on her palm.  

Laughing nervously, she backed up towards the door and grabbed the door handle from behind. "Bye, mom," she said hastily.

I don't want to. . .

Throwing the door open into midnight skies, she saw two people. A girl shorter than her with strange looking pigtails, a pink, triple bow T - shirt, and pink sandals waved to her.

They were outside my door the entire time? Serena thought, half scared.

The boy next to her was wearing a red cap with black sunglasses, a high collared sweater, blue jeans, and combat boots. His hair looked as black as hers until she realized the darkness made his brown hair look black in her eyes.

"Welcome to Vaniville town, I'm Calem, and your neighbor," the boy introduced himself to her.

"I'm Shauna! Glad to meet you!" the pigtail girl cried.

"The esteemed Professor Sycamore lives here in the Kalos region. I was told he has a request for five kids, including us," Calem began to explain in a serious and formal tone. Shauna and Serena looked at each other and giggled. The boy continued. "But I'm a little surprised that he knows who you are. You did just move to Vaniville after all."

Shauna smacked Calem lightly and laughed. "To round it up, we'll wait for you in the next town over. It's not that big, and there's only one main road from here to there. And you know what?!" she exclaimed, jumping up and down. "We're going to get. . . a Pokemon!"

Her scream made the door behind Serena open. "Kids, be quiet. It's still midnight!" her mother hissed.

Trust me. . . if you hadn't quieted her, I would've. . .

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