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Plagg's POV

Gotta hurry! I rushed to the bakery, the moon seeming to rise quicker than I could eat cheese. My head hurt slightly from what happened to Adrien only thirty minutes prior. Now though, he was asleep in bed, his orders from Le Paon already engraved in his memory. She had told him he hated Ladybug, he wanted to take her earrings for his father, he would serve her for the rest of his life, once he got Ladybug's earrings he would hand them and the ring to her, she promised Mari would be safe as long as she didn't interfere...she said so much! And it all worries me for Kitten's safety. So, that leaves me racing towards her home.

I reach her balcony and phase through the window, finding her at her desk, designing as per usual. "Marinette!" I exclaim, coming to a stop as she turns her head to me, shock glistening in her blue eyes. "Plagg?!" Both Tikki and Mari exclaim at the same time. I sigh, Like kwami like chosen when it comes to Sugarcube. Tikki flew over to me and patted my back. "What's wrong Plagg? Is there an akuma? Did it grab Adrien or something?" Marinette asks. I shake my head, "No no! Not that! But...But Le Paon..." my voice falters and my ears flatten to my head. "Le Paon is being used?! I thought the miraculous holding Dusuu was damaged!" Tikki said.

"It is! I saw it myself, but she's still using it! She used one of her feathers to get Adrien under her command and now he's been ordered to grab your miraculous!" I explain. Marinette and Tikki share a worried look. "What do we do to free him?" Marinette asks, then she adds, "And what does it have to do with me...besides him wanting my miraculous of course." She seems surprisingly calm, but then again, she almost died at one point not any more than two months ago so...she doesn't find this panicking though she may understand the situation entirely.

"Marinette, he knows your identity! If you are out alone and he finds you, you'd be defensless against him and he could easily take the miraculous. How to free him...well, it is sort of similar to freeing an akuma, you must get the akumatized item..." Tikki explains, trailing off as she looks to me for add ons. "You mainly need the item, which is the charm bracelet you gave him as Adrien, so Le Paon can't control him completely. Meaning she will have to command him against his own personal thoughts. If you take his item away from his master, he'll have some control over himself. After you get the item, then you must become Le Paon using the miraculous. Once you transform, you can release him! As of now, I'm planning on altering his memory-" "You can alter his memory?!" Marinette interrupts. I sigh, "Sugarcube, you haven't told her?"

Tikki huffs before exclaiming, "You know I like to explain things slowly with my holder so they understand everything completely! I make sure that I don't overload their brain with information! Unlike you Stinky Socks. You stuff their brains full as soon as you meet them." "Ahem. Sorry for interrupting what is no doubt an adorable moment between you two but...Plagg you never finished." "I haven't?" I asked, scratching my head. Mari shakes her head no. "Oh. Well, I'm going to alter his memories so he doesn't remember you're Ladybug...for your safety. I'm doing it tonight...I just needed to warn you. Keep my Sugarcube safe, Kitten. Keep yourself safe. I'll do anything in my power to help you. Be careful during this journey though...and remember you'll never be alone. I have to get going if I'm going to complete this before he wakes. Goodbye. And...Good luck." And then I leave, ignoring Tikki's rushed goodbyes.

"Goodbye Tikki. For now." I whisper to myself.

"I love you Sugarcube."

{~Two years later~}
Marinette's POV

I spun my yo-yo quickly, blocking the staff that flew my way, directed towards my face. "Nuh uh Kitty Cat! You're not ruining the only nice part about me!" I exclaim as Cat Noir catches his baton in one hand, glaring at me.

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