Chapter 3

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Harry stops a few inches from me, and I instinctively take one step back, becoming more nervous.

"I don't know" I stutter "You were nice to me"

Harry closes the gap between us, raising his brow and tucks his finger under the strap of my dress, moving his finger back and forth underneath it as he watches thoughtfully "Nice? Is that what you'd call what happened the last time I saw you?"

Memories flood into my mind of Harry crawling over the top of me on his bed, kissing me over every part of my skin as he did so, until he reached my neck that he latched onto, while his hands tore my bra from my body so roughly it ripped down the middle.

I gulp "Yes"

He smirks as he snaps the strap to my dress back against my skin, pulling his hand away to run it through his hair "I can think of some other words that are much more fitting"

My breathing picks up as he leans forward to whisper in my ear "Such filthy words, my sweet girl"

The memories keep pouring in, heating my skin as I remember the dirty things he would whisper to me about what he was going to do to me, the obscene things he would growl in my ear as his fingers slipped into my panties while his other hand pinned my wrists with a vice grip above my head.

"Already so wet for me princess, but I'm going to have you ruining my sheets by the time I'm done with you"

I squeeze my thighs together at the memory of those words, fighting the arousal it's sending through me.

I pull my face back sucking in a breath "I should go, my boyfriend is probably wondering where I am"

Harrys lips quirk, loving how flustered he's made me "Ah, that little boyfriend of yours - how long have you been with him?"

"Almost two years" I reply quietly, hoping that talking about this will deter how he's acting.

I knew coming here was a bad idea, even more so than I expected, he's more dangerous than I thought.

Dangerous in the sense that the same attraction I had all those years ago, is still knocking the wind from me like it never left, and I can't let that happen.

I love Andy, I shouldn't be feeling like this towards someone else.

"Isn't that adorable" he says condescendingly and I frown slightly.

Harry tilts his head, squinting his eyes briefly with a smug expression "Tell me love, this boyfriend of yours, is he nice to you as well?"

I gulp as I nod, deciding to ignore the obvious thing he's insinuating "Yes, he is, he's very sweet"

Andy is nothing like Harry, he would never dream of doing the things that Harry did, and I'm okay with that - that night with Harry was a one time experience, it's not who I am or what I want.

Harry chuckles, shaking his head as he looks down, and begins to button his shirt and I want to slap my own eyes for darting down to watch "Of course he's sweet, I wouldn't expect any less from you"

I try to stop myself from feeling offended at him patronising my relationship, there's nothing wrong with Andy. He's sweet, kind and a perfect gentleman!

"Why did you ask me to come here?" I dare to ask, not wanting him to listen to him belittle my boyfriend much more.

Harry lifts his face, only doing a few of the bottom buttons up to his shirt, and gives me a shrug "I wanted to see you"

Harry lifts his face, only doing a few of the bottom buttons up to his shirt, and gives me a shrug "I wanted to see you"

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