Chapter 1

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*Mason's POV*

John invites me over to his house to watch some film he says I need to watch. This was the first time I've gone over to his house. I knock on the door to have this little girl open the door.

John never told me he had a younger sister. But then again just hasn't told me much about his life but his name, some interest and his address.

She looks at me with innocent eyes. I finally say "Hi, I'm Mason your big brother invited me over." I put out my hand for her to shake and she hesitates then takes it in her soft hand. "Hi" she says quietly. "I'm Lolita" she opens the door wider for me to walk in.

I walk in and see how short she really was I'm 6'7 and this little girl went to a little bit under my chest. She had long light brown hair that went to her waist and bright green eye that anyone could get lost in. But I only wanted me to.

I hear foot steps come near but am to caught up in the looks of this girl to look up. I hear someone calling my name and I look up to see John standing there. He shoos Lolita but I wish he didn't. I watch her walk away while he says "Hey man, how are you doing?"

I say "Good, you?" He responds the same as we walk to the couch to watch the movie. He turns on some action movie. Saying "it was the bet movie ever" He gave all of his attention to the movie to see me not paying attention to the movie but some thing much more interesting. Lolita, Such an innocent name for an innocent girl.

She walks down stairs and her brother calls her over. He says "Hey Lolly, we are going to have a party here tomorrow night so can you try to stay at a friend house." She nods without saying a word and runs back up stairs.

I try to pay attention to the movie but got bored of it very quickly. Why pay attention to this when there is an innocent angel up stairs?

I look up to ask John where the bathroom is, he was already half asleep and just points upstairs. Wonderful I get to see my little girl again.

I wish I was up there with her hugging her kissing her. What am I thinking I barely knew this girl and from the looks of it she's 14 or so.

I walk up stairs looking for the bathroom I pass a door that was open a creek revealing a pastel room. I see her laying on her bed in her pjs that's she must have just changed in to as it was not what she walk down stairs in a little over 20 minutes ago. I watch the way her lips move as she is talking to someone on the phone most likely trying to get a place to stay tomorrow night.

I resist the urge to walk in and talk to her. I go to the bathroom and splash water in my face. What is up with me? I've never felt this way about a girl. More specifically a girl I don't know.

I walk down stairs too see John asleep. I take it as an excuse to leave. I grab my stuff and walk out closing the door and making sure it's locked from the inside to keep my girl safe.

*Lolita's POV*

I talk to Clark on the phone. He has been my best friend since pre-school. Right now I'm begging him to let me stay with him on Friday night.

So I don't have to witness another one of my brothers party. He may only be a Senior in high school but his parties get really scary very fast. At least to me there scary.

One time at a party he had a girl and a boy tried to come in my room to do dirty stuff but I kicked them out of my room before they could do anything.

But since then Johnny has put a door knob that locks so I can lock it during his parties. Any ways Clark says I can't stay with him because his parents are out of town. I tell him "You can stay at my house. I just don't wanna be alone while the parties going on." He takes a deep breath in "Go ask your brother" I run down stairs not even bothering to hang up the phone.

Jumping on him. I wake him up. "John-John can Clark come over tomorrow?" He raises his head "Sure just let me sleep" I run up stairs to try to tell Clark before he hangs up on me for leaving him. Which he has done before.

"He said yes" I scream happily in to the phone. Clark yelps at my burst of energy and excitement. "Okay well go to bed and I'll be there around 4pm and I'll bring pizza for us."

I quite down a little to try not to scare him again "Nini Clark" "Nini Lolly I'll see you at school tomorrow" he said hanging up the phone. I turn on my lamp and plug my phone in making sure my alarm is on. Then I turn off my ceiling light. I jump back in bed turning off my lamp and pull the covers up to keep me nice and warm as I sleep.

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