chapter 7

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"I just told you what was on my mind, and you're just gonna ignore it?" Emma took a sip this time as she attempted sort out her feelings and figure out what just happened.

"No, I didn't ignore what you said. You just looked so worked up and I felt bad." Michael stared out into the busy scene of the living room. She followed his gaze.

"So what is your answer?" she pressed, just as he did before. She felt in a more talkative mood but couldn't figure out why.

He thought for a moment.

"I suppose I didn't know you thought about me that much." his lips curled upwards in amusement as he turned to face her, but her face was in her drink.

"Can you make me another one?" she asked, looking at the ice at the bottom. Michael laughed.

"You might want to wait until you feel this one kick in, then ask me to make you more," he glanced at her cup before walking to the recycling bin and tossing his beer bottle in it. He grabbed another one from the fridge. "So I frustrate and confuse you, huh?"

     She looked over to him, her cheeks burning.

"That's what I said," she said with a mouthful of ice cubes. "Since you were so nosy with me, now you have to spill. Tell me what you think."

"About what?" He asked.

Emma pointed to herself; Michael thought for a second.

     "You definitely confuse me as well..." he continued pondering, stepping a little closer to her. "I think your life is a little more complicated than you're letting on, and you hide that within your shyness."

"Yeah yeah," Emma replied fast, wanting him to shush. Her stomach was twisting and she could feel her heart sinking past the floorboards. "I think I get the id-"

"You are also quite stubborn," he stepped closer again. He leaned against the island and tilted his face so it was nice and close with Emma's. "You like to keep your little secrets and build up walls to defend yourself and whatever you're hiding, right? You don't want anyone getting in. That's why you slammed the door on my face that night. But I'm going to tear down those walls. I want to know what you know-"

She leaned in stuck her lips onto his. She didn't want to hear anymore of what he had to say. And whatever else his tipsy-self had to say, he expressed with his mouth.

Michael hesitated for a second before he moved his hands to her waist and rested them. He pressed circles into her hipbones as she moved her hands to his hair and toyed with his locks. She had no clue what she was doing with her lips and tongue so she just followed Michael as best as she could.

It was a messy make out session as their hands (and tongues) roamed each other. Emma broke for air first, wiping her lips of excess saliva. Michael just smirked down at her, also catching his breath

The bouncing red and blue lights from the living room reflected dully on Michaels face. His hair was a small mess of long platinum blond strands. She stared at him, her heart beating rapidly. His green eyes stared wishfully back at her. They were so beautiful. The dark specks contrasted perfectly with the lighter green surrounding the outside of his pupil. What was she doing?

     "I'm going to take you out sometime." Michael said, keeping one hand on her waist and the other on his beer. Emma swallowed the lump in her throat (and heart) and ran out of the room.

He watched her leave, not bothering to chase after her. He groaned and slammed his fist on the table. Taking a breath and attempting to sort out his fuzzy brain, he ran his other hand through his hair. He didn't know what to do with this girl. She drove him crazy.

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