After the shadow of the blame (Part 1)

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"A series of crimes have been happening in Manhattan, who is not yet known but they are behind the shadow of culpable." That said the front page of all newspapers sold in New York.


-Monday Morning-

-Mr. Morgan: (Entering the Olsen investigator's office) Boy," Did you buy the paper today? They are circulating everywhere; you are responsible for going after that person and bring sufficient evidence to find the author of all, so if you want to continue working in this company you must have to investigate who is the causer of all this.

-Olsen: Okay okay I assure I'll get the best investigation of all.

-"Mr. Morgan: You'd better kid because of this depends to continue in this job or not.

-Midday of the same day-

(Olsen going to the cafeteria of the building)

-Olsen: Hi there! How are you doing with your boss?

-Bryson: Well at the moment, right now we are investigating a possible store selling drugs.

-Olsen: Oh!

-Bryson: And what about you?

-Olsen: Well I can say well, my job depends on an investigation of the crimes that are happening at night.

-Bryson: Oh yes, I saw something in the newspaper, but well it gonna be discovered who is, good luck in your investigation (smiles).

-Olsen: Yeah, I need to find out who is because I could lose my work (worried face) but I will do the best I can (finished eating). Well, Bryson goodbye and good luck with your investigation.

-Bryson: You too Olsen.

-Olsen: Thanks.

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