chapter twenty one - conversations on the steps

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So guys, thanks for the support I have in this story. I hope you enjoy this chapter. This small note, however, is just to add something I forgot to add way earlier in the story.
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The last few days left of the holidays were spent playing Quidditch in the snow-covered garden. James, Sirius, Marlene, Laurelle, Magnus and Jenny were used to playing in harsh weather, and were always eager to play but the rest declined.

The day before school started again, such a thing was happening. Dorcas had decided to be the commentator and was currently commenting on the match loudly.

"And Marlene dodges a Bludger thrown by her brother, Magnus, and flies, with the Quaffle in her hold, to Jenny. She passes to Jenny, who catches and attempts to score - AND SHE MADE IT!"

Mark and Michael cheered and hooted from the 'stands', which was actually just garden chairs they  moved to watch the match.

Lily looked up from her book - Nicola and the Viscount - in time to see Marlene, Jenny and Sirius, who were on the same team, tackle each other in a celebratory hug as they landed.

"Hey, Lily." A voice said suddenly. She looked up at the tall form of Remus Lupin standing over her and smiled.

"Hello, Remus."

He gestured down at the empty space next to her on the steps of the backdoor, where she sat. "Mind if I sit here?"

She bookmarked her page and closed the book. "No, feel free to sit."

He lowered himself appreciately, his long legs touching the grass. Wincing a bit, he rubbed his knees and calves.

"Full moon?" Lily asked sympathetically.

He nodded. "Day after we get back to school, so two days from now."

"Just a curious question," Lily began. "Why is it that when you leave for the full moon the boys go with you?"

Remus paled. "Uh, that's a good question, but I'm afraid it's a Marauders secrets, so I can't tell you."

She nodded understandably. "Something's been on my mind for a while now, actually."

"The last time, around the time when school started actually, I was in the Common Room busy with homework, I think. And then Potter came in - he didn't see me - and this dog came as well. He called it Padfoot, but isn't that what he calls Sirius?"

Remus paled even more. "Uh, you see, Sirius, um, accidentally transfigured his desk chair into a dog and so James, um, called the dog Padfoot because Sirius was the one to, uh, transfigure the desk into it."

The story didn't sound believable, especially since it didn't explain why James was talking to the dog, but Remus looked and sounded uncomfortable, so she left it at that.

Her eyes strayed over to James, who was chasing Sirius and Marlene around with a stick. She sighed.

"You like him, don't you?" Remus asked, breaking into her thoughts.

Her cheeks burning, she turned to him. "So what? It's probably too late now."

"For what?"

"For anything!" She sighed, and buried her head in Remus' shoulder. "I've kept him waiting too long, and now that I like him, he decides to move on." She mumbled into his jumper.

Remus looked over at James, a smirk forming on his lip, but he didn't say anything.

Lily sat back up, staring miserably over at them.

"Can I tell you something?" Remus asked. "Just don't get too angry."

Lily shrugged, still looking on ahead.

"Sirius and I made a bet. He said you'd never like James but I said otherwise."

Lily chuckled dryly. "And now you're right."

"My point is," Remus continued. "I am always right. If the world just listened to me all the time, it would be perfect."

Despite herself, Lily laughed.

"So what I'm trying to say is that we also made a bet that by the time we leave Hogwarts, you'll be dating James. And if I'm right, like I always am..."

She burned up again, though she now had some hope in her heart.

"I would like to go on a date with him, really I would, and we sort of are-"

"What?" Remus interrupted. "You're giing on a date with James Potter?"

Lily shrugged again. "It's not rdally a date, just an invitation for my friends and I to join you guys at Hogsmeade. But anyway, it's just that I'm too scared to say anything, in case he decides to reject me."

Remus mentally shook his head. She really had no idea...

"Maybe you could, I don't know, give him a hint or something?" She continued.

"I'll try." Remus promised.
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