Santa Baby Part 1.

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I was drunk when I started writing this - that's all I'm gonna say on that

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I was drunk when I started writing this - that's all I'm gonna say on that.

I'm a Grinch, and not a fan of Christmas - however, here's my take on some Christmas spirit.


Christmas time was an interesting time at this place, it brought out a lot of characters, from young men wanting to give themselves a Christmas treat or men whom seem to find their company in strippers instead of family this time of year.

It seemed to be another average night so close to Christmas, nothing exceptional about the night so far.

Little did Pippa know how exceptional her night would be.

One of the topless waitresses hurries over towards her, nearly toppling over her tray of drinks with a wide grin on her face.

"Pippa!" the girl whispers yells as she reaches her stood in the corridor, trying to take a rare ten minutes for herself. "We have guests in the V.I.P section!"

Pippa drops her defined brows, confused by why that's a big deal.

They get V.IP. guests often, whether it's sports starts, politicians or other celebrities - to be frank they aren't her favourite clients.

The pay is phenomenal, but their attitudes usually aren't.

"Okay?" she replies still puzzled at the girls excited demeanour.

"You'll never guess who it is!" the young girl gushes, her nipple tassels bouncing along with her.

Pippa groans, far too tired from such a long night to play a game of guess who "Just tell me"

The waitress leans forward, the glitter covering her body glinting under the florescent lighting "Harry Styles" she squeals.

Pippa puts both of her hands on the girls tanned shoulders, giving her a stern look "Listen...." she looks around her body until she's see the name tag hung from her tiny work apron "Holly"

How festive, Pippa thinks to herself.

"You need to cut that out right now, acting like this is going to get you fired on the spot"

Holly clamps her mouth shut immedietly, worry overtaking her face "Look" Pippa continues, trying to play mother hen to the new girl "When celebrities or high profile clients come in, as far as you are concerned you don't know their name, their face and you certainly never saw them here"

Holly nods obediently, snapping her head up and down with wide eyes "So when you go back out there, who isn't out there?" Pippa continues cocking her brow.

"Harry styles" Holly replies quickly.

"Who did you never see here?"

"Harry Styles"

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