Chapter Four"Don't smile to me, light on me,"

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"Hey, Sam," Colby looked at me, his eyes were sad.

"Hey," I replied.

"Can you call Brennen?"

"Sure I look down at my phone and step outside into the hall, to dial Brennen's number.

"Yo, Sam what's up dude, we haven't talked for a while." Brennen had no idea what happened to Colby.

I sniff, ready to bawl, "Its Colby, Bren."

"What, what happened? Is Colby okay?"

"No, Brennen, something happened l-last night, he got hurt, badly." I felt a tear roll down my face.

"How bad is it?" Brennen asked, "Sam?"

"He has to have surgery,"

"Oh, shit, man I'll be there In 20," He said, then he hung up.

*Brennen's POV

I take a quick shower and rush over to the hospital. I sit in my car, preparing myself for the worst. I love Colby, as a friend of course, well at least I think as a friend. I push the hospital doors open. Taking a deep breath, I walk into the elevators. Pushing the button, third floor. Goddamn, it Colby, why do you always have to get yourself into these messes? I ask myself. The elevator dings, breaking me out of my thoughts. I step out of the elevator, around the corner to B hallway. I walk to the last door, at the end of the hallway, next to the staircase. I walk into the doorway and see the whole trap house, sitting, standing, crying, and Colby lying on the bed, looking lifeless. He opened his eyes and immediately looked at me.

"Hey Bren," he smiled, clearly fake, but I go with it.

"Hey Colby," I smile back, while tears threaten to spill out.

"Can you guy's give us Th-the room," Colby said. His smile quickly faded as a tear fell down his face, "Bren," Colby said now sobbing. I walk over to him and hugged him lightly making sure that I don't hurt him. "It hurts Bren, I-It hurts so-so bad,"

"Sh-sh," I hush him, "I know, you'll be alright,"

"Bren, I don't want to die," He said through sobs, "there's so- so many things that I haven't done, Bren,"

My heart shattered, I've never seen him more broken.

"You-you'll be alright, Colby, you'll be alright," I sad trying to reassure him, "you'll be alright." I look behind me to see the whole trap house looking through the window. Sighing I turn to Colby. When I felt his touch, I felt tingles that made me never want to leave his embrace.

"Brennen, you don't know what they did," Colby's breaths were shaky. I pulled away from the embrace, and look down at him, he had two Band-Aids, one on the corner of his forehead, above his temple, and one small white rectangular one taped on his cheek. His face was badly bruised.

"Colby, you're safe now." I looked into his ocean blue eyes, god, you get so easily get lost in them.

Soon enough there was a knock at the door.

"Can you wipe my face for me? It hurts too much to move," Colby asked.

"Sure thing," I walk over to him, and wipe his bruised and tear-stained face.

*Third Person*

Brennen soon walked over to the door, opening it he was greeted by a young female doctor

"I'm here to prep Mr. Brock for surgery

"Oh, okay," Brennen moved out of the way to let the doctor with light blue scrubs in. everyone filed into the room one by one sad faces all around. Colby then smiled, making everyone around him smile. As long as they thought that he was fine, he was fine. Twenty minutes later Colby was getting a portion of his hair shaved, then he was off to surgery.

Everyone from the trap house was silent, deadly silent, staring at their feet or at Colby's empty bed. Everybody nut Brennen. Brennen was outside pacing back and forth, running his hands through his soft, fluffy, luxurious hair.

"Would you stop that?!" Corey began to raise his voice as Brennen's pacing caused Corey's anxiety to spike.

"Well, I'm sorry," Brennen was about to snap, and Elton could tell.

"Brennen, do you want to come with me to get everyone some coffee?" Uncle Elton offered. Brennen nodded.

*In the OR*

"Okay, people," Dr. Shepard began, "It's a beautiful day to save lives; scalpel," the neurosurgeon placed the scalpel on the boys' head.

*Warning surgery, and blood*

Putting pressure on the scalpel, the boys' head began to ooze thick red blood.

"Scalpel," Dr. Bailey demanded, the nurses handed her the scalpel, as she measured around the bleeding liver. "This poor boy has been through so much,"

"There is a lot of swelling,"

"I got a bleeder!" Dr. Bailey began to pack the sponges around the liver, "Suction."

"BP: 92 over 160," an intern yelled.

"Let's get this under control," the bleeding slowly started reducing.

"He is going into V-fib, page Dr. Burke." Dr. Bailey was demanding, "Panels, charge to 100. Clear." she placed the panels on the mangled boys' chest, as she did his BP regulated.

"Let's get back to work," Dr. Shepard began, "Dr. Grey give Mr. Brock's friends an update." The doctor walked into the waiting room since visiting hours were over. It was now 10:00 P.M. everyone was still awake and waiting anxiously for any information on Colby. Everyone stood up.

"How is he," Aaron asked.

"Well, he went into V-Fib and had some extra bleeding, but they are about to close up. Dr. Shepard got most of his bleeding under control. He will need help recovering, but he should be fine."

Everybody's faces lit up, for the first time that day they had actually gotten some good news.

"Thank you, really." Brennen looked tired, he looked as if someone just killed his puppy.

"You heard what she said," Sam said looking at Brennen with soft eyes, "He's going to pull through,"

"He should be getting out of surgery soon." The young doctor smiled at them and turned to go back to go Help finish closing up in the OR. Brennen still had that look on his face, the look of confusion, was he in love with Colby or was it just the spur of the moment.   

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