Part 4

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"He told me how his hand was cut open Kim, it......that poor kid, he was tortured, they've literally been torturing him for two years and they might now escape jail? How is that even possible?" Harry says angrily.

Kimberly, Scott and Jax all arrived home about an hour ago, everyone has gathered around the kitchen bench to discuss the case, dinner long over and forgotten. Louis is still upstairs fast asleep.

"I know H, I don't like it any more than you do but my hands are tied, I've submitted all the evidence and now we just have to wait" Kimberly says apologetically.

"Wait for what exactly?" Drew asks with his hands on his hips.

"Wait for the courts to decide if they want to file a lawsuit and whether the Bolton's will be arrested" Kimberly clarifies.

"But I don't understand, why are we waiting, a child is being abused what is there to wait for?" Scott says absolutely livid.

Kimberly sighs.

"I need Louis statement and he needs to be assessed by a psychologist. The Bolton's have counter claimed against Louis for damages and have made claims that Louis was violent, abusive towards Noah, has anger issues and caused his own injuries" Kimberly says.

"What the fuck?" Harry snarls.

The boys are so shocked and disgusted.

"It's the money isn't it, that's what they want isn't it" Edward says upset.

"We think so, we're not entirely sure but we think that's their motivation" Kimberly says.

"So what does it mean for Louis" Jax asks,

"Well, if it's found that the Bolton's claims are true, Louis just has to undergo counselling, I can provide that, its fine. It does mean though, that their adoption will go through and the money is theirs along with Louis" Kimberly says.

"Louis would never, ever hurt someone like they are claiming he would. That poor kid has been through the most horrific shit ever, I can't believe this is happening" Harry says on the verge of breaking.

"If it's money they want Kim, give it to them, settle out of court, tell them they can keep Louis trust fund if they drop the adoption and hand custody to us" Scott says.

Kimberly sighs.

"What's gotten into you boys? You love this kid don't you? You've only known him two days" Kimberly says.

"That's enough, we are attached, he's ours and we won't stop until it's permanent" Harry says.

"He doesn't need that fund if he's with us, we can provide him with everything he ever needs" Drew says.

"Okay listen, let's bring Louis into my rooms tomorrow so he can give his statement, then I'll have Joey do the psych assessment. Let's get that done first, sound fair?" Kimberly says and the boys nod in agreement as Louis walks out into the kitchen,

He's sleepy and looks a bit pale and sick.

"Hey there kiddo, you okay?" Scott asks as he goes over to Louis and picks him up like a child,

Louis wraps himself around Scott and cuddles in close, Scott is so warm and feels so safe and comfy.

"You look like a snuggly Koala" Edward smiles as he ruffles Louis hair.

Louis half smiles back at Edward as he closes his eyes again.

"Would you like some food kiddo?" Drew asks.

"No thank you" Louis whispers as he opens his eyes, trying to keep them open.

"Darling, Kimberly has been filling us in on a few things and we need to discuss some things with you, is that okay?" Harry asks gently.

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