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Hoi hoi hoes

Yes it is me again and yes i shld be asleep it is 0:12

By the way, tommorow is last day of school and then holidays r starting which means for me to write more! :3

And since it is last day tmmrw, we have 4 school hrs to spend which is great (i usually have 7 hrs at friday so im rlly thankfull)


This was requested by PLEASEDONTDOCOCAIN

This was requested by PLEASEDONTDOCOCAIN

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I hope you enjoy his crappy thing

I wanna sleep, i wanna listen to music and i wanna write this.

Meh, imma sleep when im done.

Also like rn im listening to Britney Spears lmao

And yes, your lil girl is now loving into Kinky Boots up there


Ok lmao

Lets start



John has been bad over past month.

And he hadn't realized that his boyfriends saw it.

Untill today.

John was logging out of his laptop, sipping his Starbucks coffee.

He heard his phone buzz.

Sighing, he reached for his pocket and took phone outside.

It was from Alexander.

Ham.boi- heyy bb, we r having dinner outside tonite. Can you meet me at my department??

John smiled and quickly typed back.

Gay.ass-  yeh sure. Lemme just pick sum papers and then imma go to you.

Ham.boi- awesome! Bye bby, love ya!

Gay.boi- love ya too bye💞

Grinning like an idiot, John went to printer room to take his copies.

Already eager where this evening is leading at.



Was all Alexander said, nuzzling Lafayette's hand.

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