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9 months later

"Edward *huff* I'm gonna *huff* kill you." I watched as my wife began her final pushes for what was probably our last child.

"Bella, love, you're doing great. You're almost done. Just a few more AAAAHHHH." I lost all sense of what I was saying as she squeezed my hand with more strength than such a tiny woman should have.

The pain in my hand subsided and I heard muffled cries from the other end of the chair. I breathed a sigh of relief. "It's a boy." My father said.

He turned to me with a questioning look. "Son, do you wanna cut the chord?"

I nodded stupidly as I absorbed what he'd just said. Another son. Bella had given me another son. I kissed her forehead in wonder before taking the scissors from Angela.

I cut the chord in a haze and watched as they took my son to be cleaned. Bella tugged at my arm until I sat with her on the bed. I looked into her beautiful brown eyes and just smiled.

Angela came back in the room with a bundle of blue blankets. She placed our son in Bella's arms and smiled at us with a whispered congratulations.

I looked down into the grey eyes of my son before looking back up to my wife. I brushed a sweaty lock of hair from her forehead. "He's perfect."

Her answering smile knocked me off my feet. "I know."

He quietly looked up at us as Bella rocked him lightly. Entranced by his gaze, I reached my finger out for him to clasp. I let out a small gasp at how strong his grip already was.

I smiled down at my beautiful new son and watched him try to imitate the action in wonder before yawning and loosening his grip upon my finger.

Once the perfect little boy's eyes were closed I leaned down to press my lips against his forehead. Then I turned to his mother and took her lips with my own. "You are so beautiful."

She let out a little laugh so as not to wake the sleeping child in her arms. "You can say that all you want, but you're not getting another one of these."

Of course I'd been right. But that wasn't important, because I didn't need anything else. Bella had given me more than I could have ever wished for. She'd given me herself. She'd come back to me when I thought that I'd lost her forever. And then she'd given me the greatest gift, life created from us. "What should we call him?"

Without hesitation she answered, "Anthony."

I turned to look back at her, "Anthony?"

She nodded her head, "His name should be Anthony."

I tried to read her face. There was something in her eyes that I couldn't read. "Are you making fun of me?"

She surprised me by laughing and leaning forward to place a quick kiss on my lips. "I'm not making fun of you, Edward." She looked deeply into my eyes before speaking again. "I have no idea how hard it must have been for you to not tell me who you were. I wouldn't have been able to sit across the room without throwing myself at you."

She pulled my face to hers and kissed me more deeply. "You were stronger than I could have ever been. I'm so thankful that you didn't give up hope on me, and," she looked down at our son, "he's proof of that. I want to name him after you."

I think my mouth was hanging open. "There is no way that I could deserve you." I tried to breathe as she continued to smile at me.

I watched as she shifted and held him out to me. I took him carefully and nodded, "Okay, Anthony it is. Anthony Michael Cullen." He made a humming noise in his sleep as if in agreement. I looked up into those smiling, chocolate, brown eyes and felt my heart swell. My life, in this moment, was perfect.

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