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okAY! an update!
So, if you know what's happened with Ashwhisker lately you'll know that she no longer is a herobrine fangirl. Nor that she even has the children that exist in this series anymore- Greenleaf and Meadow were auctioned to my friend Rheo (Rhusani) and Noodle was sold to me and two other close friends we all have: Fluffenpuppers and MasterRJ. So basically- this series can not exist anymore. Jo isn't even ashes daughter now anymore ,,, I'm pretty sure shes a student of Alyson now (I'll have to ask ash later lmao)

And I'm sorry about that- but it's just what happened. I'm guessing some people might say; "You can still make something with ash and noodle! You own her now!", That's not the case. Noodle is now in another family that I have, she has different parents and different siblings that don't exist in this universe I've made. I've also had someone ask me in PM if I could borrow Greenleaf as an AU because I'm friends with the person who owns him now. No, I am not going to do that. I'm not going to annoy my friend about a fanfic.

And please don't bother ash about this, she's actually a very good friend of mine and we talk a lot in group chats and servers. She has always told me she loved my series and even apologised when she changed and realised my story would suffer too. She's been so kind and had no ill intentions- I am not going to bash her and neither should you for the decision she's made.

My two directions for this story is to end it here- this is the last you'll see of this fanfiction,,,


I can continue the story but heavily edit it, change the characters that involve the family Bee gets adopted by  and focus on developing her as a character (unlike before when I was bending myself backwards to make sure she stayed as relatable and reader insertable as possible) and finally involve Bees parents! Something I've wanted to do for a long time but was afraid of taking the focus off of Ash (that's why it's been in progress so long-)

I personally want to make it my own thing. It'll take a lOT of bandaging and rewrites but I want to do it. Bees parents have been fully made and designed with stories of their own and I've even made multiple character designs for Bee that I never implemented into the early story like I should off because I wanted it to be {insert reader here} sort of thing. I'm sorry if that annoys you. But it's either that or you never see this sorry again. Carrying it on is not an option as Ash has changed and I would never do such a thing to disrespect someone I talk to in a regular basis.

I know lots of you will leave. Not many cared about anything else but ash in the first place (I don't blame you I mean I did make this fic for her) but yeah. It's getting personal my dudes- this is my story now.

Please tell me what you think in the comments. Your words are greatly appreciated, from this chapter on (if I don't change the previous ones) the story will have changed... I might even make a whole new book idk. Thank you for reading- I'm so thankful for what I've been given. Adiós!

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