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"You just gonna sit there... In the dark?"

James stood in front of one way glass. He didn't have to see through it to know there was people one the other side.

"You're enjoying this right? Is this fun for you?"

James crossed his arms and sighed.

"I promise I won't tell the Russians."

"I promise I will tell the Russians." Lizzie chipped. She was tired and hungry and bored. The room bare apart from a projector on one wall, one way glass on two opposite walls and a table and two chairs one of which was occupied by Lizzie.

"She's gonna tell the Russians." James walked back to his seat and reclined back. He looked even more bored than Lizzie. At this point they had been there for hours. They hadn't even changed out of the clothes they were wearing on the island.

James sat up and threw a pencil at the glass before sitting back and throwing his head back.

"Why are you keeping us here?"

"I wanna go home" Lizzie snarled.

"We get it, there was no island. We were never on an island." James accent came out strong whilst he talked.

The door clicked before being opened by none other than Brooks himself, San following close behind.

"What island?" He playfully asked.

Realisation dawned on James and Lizzie's faces.

"Brooks what the hell is going on?"

"Welcome to Monarch."

James chuckled whilst Lizzie rolled her eyes

"This island is just the beginning," Brooks began before San finished for him. "There's more out there."

"What do you mean, more?"

"This world never belonged to us," Brooks explained, "It belonged to them. The question is how long before they take it back."

The lights dimmed and the projector began whirring. On the wall it began to show images and videos of caves. Markings on the walls, fossils being discovered and ancient stories told through drawings.

"Kong, is not the only king..."

An ear piercing screech like roar sounded out throughout the room before the projector went dark.

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