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James, Mason, Marlow, Mills, Cole, Reles and Chapman all raced further away from the on going fight behind them.

The skull crawler snapped it's jaws at Kong and wrapped it's tail around his wrist before trapping Kong's throat between it's razor teeth. It pushed him up against a mountain as Kong fought tirelessly to free himself. He punch the skull crawlers neck in an attempt of releasing it's jaws but to no avail. So Kong grabbed the skull crawler by the mouth and snapped it's jaw before bashing it's head into a cliff. He attempted to elbow it in the face however the sly creature slipped out the way and Kong's elbow met a cliff. The skull crawler wrapped itself around Kong's hand once again and used the leverage it had to drag Kong to the floor. It then moved quickly around Kong trying to disorientate him. Kong pushed his fist into it's chest in an attempt to hold it back.

Lizzie stood on the cliff, flare at the ready, watching the fight for a second or two. Kong was holding his own surprisingly well. The roar of Kong and the hiss of the Skull crawler snapped Lizzie out of her daze. She fired the flare and watched as it floated among the two massive creatures like fireworks.

The group running on the ground stopped to look at the display behind them. Two impossible animals fighting surrounded by red sparks.

Kong ripped a tree from the ground and cleared it of it's branches. He used the tree like a baseball bat and hit the skull crawler around the head, effectively doing no damage to the beast but shattering the tree.

The skull crawler lept again and wrapped it's tail around Kong as Kong held it by the throat. The skull crawler managed to throw Kong across the river and into the wreckage of ships. Kong became wrapped in the chains of the boat and couldn't free himself. He sat, an easy target to the skull crawler.

Bullets suddenly came flying into the skull crawlers side. The boat came around the corner with Brooks fire the gun at the beast. James watched as the bullets ricocheted off the skull crawlers side before directing everyone to the boat.

"Come on let's go!"

The skull crawler turned it's attention away from Kong and started stalking towards the boat. Marlow and James helped everyone up before James scanned the cliff. Desperately searching for Lizzie. The guns on the boat jammed and just like that they were left defenceless once again. Marlow ran to the front of the boat.

"Watch out! She's temperamental! Watch out!" He pushed Brooks out the way and began fiddling with the guns. Meanwhile as the skull crawler moved further and further away from Kong, the said gorilla yanked his arms on the chains whilst lifting the entire boat that was crushing him.

"Couldn't you have done that bloody earlier?!" Lizzie muttered to the open air around her.

Lizzie loaded up another flare and used her limited knowledge of archery to fire the flare straight into the skull crawlers eye. Marlow fixed the guns before beginning to fire at the beast again.

"Come on you bastard!" Cried out James as he began to run down the river making sure the skull crawler was following him. Lizzie watched in horror from the cliff as her beloved James was being chased by a creature bigger than Kong, and surprisingly outrunning it.

Kong broke the chains and used a propeller to propel (Eh? See what I did there?) into the skull crawler. It landed in beasts ribs, knocking it to the ground. Kong then used it as a leash and pulled the skull crawler closer to him and further from James. He then used the chains to choke the creature before throwing it into a cliff.... The same cliff Lizzie was currently standing on.

Lizzie screamed as she lost her balance and fell from the cliff, straight into the water below. The impact along knocked her unconscious and she slowly sank to the bottom.

"Lizzie!" James screamed from his place in the water, watching as she sank and he couldn't do anything about it. There was a skull crawler between him and her. He couldn't save her.

The skull crawler jumped from it's place on the ground and launched itself onto Kong, catching him off guard. Kong ripped the propeller out of it's side and then slashed it upside the head. It fell to the ground unmoving.

A hand reached into the water after Lizzie and gently scooped her out. Kong held and unconscious Lizzie in his hand as a screech was heard behind him. The skull crawler clamped it's jaw around Kong's arm and snapped repeatedly at the hand that enclosed Lizzie.

James watched from the boat as the skull crawler took Kong's entire hand in its mouth, and then breathed in relief when his hand re-emerged from the animal brining all it's internal organs with it.

Kong laid Lizzie on the ground near the boat. James raced towards her still body as Kong walked away. He shook her shoulders in a frantic attempt to wake her up.

"Hey Lizzie! Come on, please wake up!"

Lizzie bolted upright and coughed up all the water lodged in her throat as James sat up with her. He held her in his arms and a smile spread on his face, tears falling down his cheeks. He brushed some hair out of her face and behind her ear.

"Hey, hey, hey. You're okay. You're okay..."

Lizzie nuzzeled her head into his neck before pulling back to look him in the eye.

"Slivko didn't follow you did he?" James was confused at her question but answered nonetheless.

"No... Wh-" Lizzie cut him off by wrapping her arms around his neck and pressed her lips against his urgently. James tightened his arms around and held her as close as he could, afraid that if he let got, she would leave again.

They both separated and rested their foreheads together. A smile on their faces.

"That idiot would interrupt."


Lizzie and James sat together on the boat, leaned back on one of the makeshift seats. She was sitting in between his legs, holding his hand and playing with the watch on his wrist.

Mason and San were just admiring the deadly island for the last time.

Slivko, Mills, Reles, Cole and Chapman stood at the front of the boat.

"So what do you think fellas," Mills began, "This way to Key-west?"

"I think it is brother." Slivko smiled.


After a long time in thought, Brooks broke his silence.

"This place will change you know. Word will get out, it always does."

Mason looked away from the hills and mountains.

"Well it's not coming from us."


Marlow began to hum a tune.

"We'll meet again, don't know where, don't know when. But I'll know we'll meet again, some sunny day..."


The sound of blades broke the the silence. The group turned to see helicopters breaking through the storm clouds.

"We're going home." Lizzie whispered to James

"We're going home Liz." He laid a kiss to the top of her head.

Kong's roar broke through the valley and James and Lizzie turned their heads to see the gorilla disappear behind the mountains.

"King Kong..." James murmured.

"Long may he reign..." Lizzie whispered.

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