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Lizzie had a slight limp as she trudged next to James. Without saying a word, he took her arm and slung it over his soldier and his arm went around her waist to steady her. She threw a grateful smile his way before continuing as before.

The group stopped to rest and Lizzie and James all but collapsed to the ground. The pair leaned against a tree before sliding to the ground, still wrapped in each other's arms. 

Marlow was furious with Packard and that could clearly be seen as he stamped over to said colonel and began to shout.

"Listen here colonel! You may out rank me, but I've been a hell of a lot longer than you. And I'm telling ya, that thing was just the first of many. So we need to turn back TOOT SUITE!"

Lizzie's head pounded as Packard and Marlow began to argue. She could hear her heart in her ears and feel the blood pumping around her body. She buried her face into James' neck and tried to tuned out the sound of yelling still streaming into her ears.

James noticed her wince and the arguing and could hear her whimper as the noise level rose. He gently lifted himself and Lizzie to their feet, before allowing her to bury her head back in his neck. Her breathing tickled his skin but tried to ignore it and swallow down the lump forming in his throat.

James' only thought right now was getting him and Lizzie off that island alive.

"Okay, colonel. You'll find your sea stallion three klicks up that ride, now I'm going to take these civilians back to the boat," He gestured towards Mason, San and Brooks, "and we'll wait for you there alright." His piercing glare still had the same effect, even with Lizzie hanging around his neck.

"Saddle up, let's go kill this thing." James let out a weak sigh as his arms fell back around Lizzie's waist and he buried his nose into her hair. Packard and his men left the clearing, leaving behind James, Lizzie, Marlow, Mason, Brooks and San.

"Follow me. We'll get off this rock alive"


"Liz are you okay?" Lizzie was beginning to feel light headed and James was beginning to notice.

"I'll be okay once I've drank something, maybe eat too." It had been at least a few days since Lizzie had ate or drank anything. She detached herself from James and leaned up against a tree as he crouched down to the ground.

"There's water close by." 

Brooks stood impatiently a few metres behind him. It was clear walking through the forest all afternoon after nearly being eaten was wearing him down. Not surprisingly either.

"Are you lost?" He called out, "Which way?"

Lizzie pushed herself up off the tree. She knew the river had to be nearby but her foggy brain couldn't register the way. 

James cocked his head to the side, clearly hearing something the others didn't. Except Lizzie, her senses were almost at par with James', having been on the island for so long. Not a second later, Kong's famous roar rang out over the treetops.

Brooks looked up from his feet. Both San and Mason stood from the rock they'd just sat down on and Marlow stood to attention. James looked towards the beginning of the mountain trails, the same direction the roar had come from. 

"Wait here. I've got to get to higher ground to find the river."

Mason and Lizzie just watched as he walked off before making eye contact, giving each other a silent nod, and then heading off after James.

"Hey," Marlow's voice called them back. "Here kid, you look like you need it." He chucked his flask of water her way and she gave him a grateful filled glance.

"Wait! We're coming with you!" James turned at the sound of Mason's voice. 

"You can," He said pointing to Mason, "You absolutely not." Pointing as Lizzie. 

"Yes I am, I'm fine."

"Not two minutes ago you could barley stand!"

"And now I've had a drink and I'm good to go!"

It was clear he wasn't going to change her mind any time soon, so James simply sighed and began walking, motioning for them to follow. 


James stood up straight and turned, outstretching his hand and lifting Lizzie up behind him. Mason followed not long behind. The girls quickly admired the view, Mason longer than Lizzie given she'd seen it almost everyday for the past 11 years. James looked out into the fog and tried to spot the bend they'd left the boat at.

"The boat must be around that bend."

Mason started snapping pictures with her camera. She dropped it back onto her neck as she looked back into the fog, which had suddenly thickened, and spotted Kong stomping towards the trio. James quickly pulled Lizzie from her spot close to the cliff edge, and dragged her back to his side, keeping a firm grip on her hand.

Mason took a couple of steps backwards, in awe of the beast in front of her. Kong came right close up to the cliff edge and stood, waiting for something, anything to happen. Mason took a deep breathe before walking forwards again, gently lifting her hand out. 

When Kong let out a huff, she flinched back in fear. 

"Go on. He won't hurt us." Lizzie told her from her spot beside James.

Mason lifted he hand again, letting it rest on Kong's nose. She let out a small laugh as quick tears ran down her face.

"Your no monster are you?" She mumbled.

"That's what I've been telling you."

Explosions sounded out as Mason snatched her hand back and Kong began to retreat into the fog, letting out a roar. Then as quickly as he arrived, he was gone.

"We have to go, now." James told them as he began descending the mountain trails.


The sickening sounds of crackling fire, and ruthless explosions continued as James, Lizzie and Mason neared the group. The sound of two guns lifting to meet them caused James to lift his hands up in a mock surrender.

"Don't shoot." San and Brooks lowered there guns as Brooks let his impatience show once again.

"Conrad which was are we going?" Brooks let out in a sigh.

"You three need to go back to the boat. It's that way." He pointed in the direction of the river bend. "Wait for us till dawn. If we're not back by then, just go."

"Huh! You ain't gotta twist my arm." Brooks and San began picking their backpacks and Marlow stood from his seat on a tree branch.

"Where are you three going?"

"We're going to save Kong."

"Not without me pal."

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